At the same time, a biannual convention devoted to Twitch and the culture of streaming and gaming on-demand TwitchCon is supported by valuable sponsorships, including brands like Honda, Intel, or Lenovo. As one of the world’s most popular video-sharing platforms, today, TikTok counts more than half a billion active users. His interests include Cloud Computing, Web Applications and Internet of Things. Although Instagram will remain as the leading influencer marketing channel globally, TikTok and Twitch are becoming more and more attractive to many marketers and brands. This ties in with the similar concern they expressed to the previous question about the difficulty in finding appropriate influencers. They have made clear guidelines and expectations. This year 77% favor the measure, as against 22% who don’t. While organic influencer marketing may be challenging to scale, because of the time needed for influencer identification and wooing, there are now over 740 platforms and influencer-focused agencies that businesses can use to help scale their efforts. As one of the important influencer marketing trends in 2020, this inventive method will become more interesting, mostly to big brands. Some brands prefer to use social media marketing agencies with influencer marketing experience or solely focused influencer agencies when working with micro- and nano-influencers because the agencies are more experienced at working with influencers at scale. The follower rate numbers on the other surveyed platforms may differ, but the pattern remains the same. Organic influencer marketing can be a slow and tedious process, particularly when it comes to finding and wooing influencers to promote your company’s products or services. It is hard to believe that businesses would have gone backward in their influencer marketing practices. In some cases, influencer marketing may bring new customers to the brand, but the additional spending may be less than the cost of running the campaign. CreatorIQ’s data comes from tens of thousands of influencer marketing campaigns and posts piloted through their platform by their clients. It particularly refers to the female gamers, who are expected to gain even more significant influence in the following years. Although app download numbers vary significantly from month to month, there has been a definite surge in downloads of TikTok over the last couple of years. They know most of their followers, which makes them more authentic, and results with a high level of trust. Also, they bring a fantastic ROI at a minimal cost. In other words, there are now 10 micro-influencers for every mega-influencer, compared with 3 micro-influencers per celebrity in 2016. YouTube also had to do significant damage control over the types of videos they allow, and have brought in stronger rules for channels that target children. The most popular vertical represented is Fashion & Beauty (24% of respondents), followed by Travel & Lifestyle (13%), Health & Fitness (12%), Gaming (7%), Sports (5%), and Family, Parenting & Home (5%). However, the vast majority of firms intend to include at least some influencer marketing in their mix. In many ways, this statistic is surprising. We estimate that there has been an increase of at least 50% each year. The ratio of mega-influencers (with one million-plus followers) to micro-influencers (with fewer than 100,000 followers) rose from 1:3 in 2016 to 1:10 in 2019. As such, it can sometimes be difficult for marketers to explain the concepts to their managers. It shows no signs of slowing down in 2020. We asked those survey respondents who ran campaigns in-house what they saw as the greatest challenges they faced. By using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), the brands have the opportunity to create their influencers. The new influencer marketing trends in 2020 will shape the activities and marketing plans of many brands and companies. This is particularly evident on Instagram, where nano-influencers with fewer than 1,000 followers have seven times the engagement rate than mega-influencers with greater than 100,000 followers (7.2% vs. 1.1%). An additional 16% indicate that they expect to keep their budgets the same as in 2019. Nowadays, however, many firms use tools (whether in-house or from third parties) to facilitate the process. Hopefully, it will soon merely be a chapter in the history of the industry. Video is the holy grail of content marketing. 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Presumably, most of the 22% who are against using the statistic either don’t understand it or struggle to communicate its worth to their management team. I have read and I agree with your Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. CreatorIQ analyzed the social platforms that brands make use of most when running influencer campaigns. over a tasteless video he shared, and brands wondered whether they wanted any connection with him. 53% of the survey respondents believed audience relationship to be the most valuable factor when considering collaborating with a particular influencer. Video and Audio Provide Priority Content. Even average firms achieve dramatic results, with an average earned media value of $5.78 per dollar they spent on influencer marketing in 2019. How to Optimally Use Social Mention & other FREE Social Media Monitoring Tools? Businesses who understand influencer marketing gain impressive returns: up to $18 in earned media value for every dollar spent  on influencer marketing. The remaining 29% represent a wide range of occupations and sectors. TikTok has much higher  engagement at all follower levels, but even here, the same pattern is evident. 43% of the brands surveyed said they spend less than $10K annually on influencer marketing, with 29% spending between $10K and $50K. It indicates what an equivalent advertising campaign would cost for the same effect. Therefore, creating video demonstrations, product reviews, or interviews as a part of the influencer campaign will be a great way to attract a highly focused audience. Both the US government agency, the FTC, and its British equivalent, the CMA, have taken a close look at influencer disclosure over the last couple of years. They allow influencers getting to know the brand better and what it stands for. While their study is not identical to ours (they use slightly different engagement bands), the results still come to the same conclusion. You will be amazed by what you could find out about your brand that you never knew it existed. Earned Media Value has become more recognized over the last couple of years as a measure of the ROI on influencer campaigns. At the same time, this form of caption increases the influencer`s credibility, which is essential in delivering authentic content to the audience. In 2018, Facebook was used in less than half of the influencer campaigns, and its support dropped even further in 2019, to approximately 40%. Copyright © 2016-2020 Mentionlytics. This is another statistic showing little change over the last year. 50% of our respondents believe that influencer marketing is definitely a scalable tactic in their marketing ecosystem, and a further 41% think that it is somewhat of a scalable tactic. Of those who operate discrete influencer campaigns, 33% (down from 39%) prefer to run them on a monthly basis. With estimates predicting that influencer marketing spending might double in 2020—en route to becoming a projected $15 billion market by 2022—it’s a good bet that influencers will be … Influencer marketing in 2020 will likely continue to trend toward social media influencers who capitalize on the growth of platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn. While these figures are again similar to the 2019 results, they are slightly more favorable ("only" 63% of respondents intended to increase their budgets last year). We estimate that there has been an increase of at least 50% each year. While many people follow mega-influencers and celebrities, they often do so,  simply because they recognize the name, rather than for any great interest in the topic of the posts. Although they require a lot of planning and bring sizeable cost, these exclusive, invite-only events can add a lot of value to a brand. Judging by the recent uptake in influencer marketing, much of this increase in content must be made and delivered by influencers on behalf of brands. Therefore it should come as no surprise that brands are moving their influencer marketing towards micro-influencers as education about the industry improves. As the key players, influencers will continue to determine the success of brands, which is why it is crucial to cooperate with the ones who share specific brand values and have the ability to truly influence their fanbase. For example, Logan Paul caused an internet storm over a tasteless video he shared, and brands wondered whether they wanted any connection with him. But despite the new trends on the market, the essential value in running a successful influencer marketing campaign will remain the same. Best Times to Publish YouTube Videos in 2021 – Ultimate... 22 Creator Economy Statistics That Will Blow You Away, 11 Instagram Marketing Trends for 2021 You Need to Watch, Only 14% of influencer posts sampled were fully compliant with FTC guidelines, Nearly 90% of all influencer campaigns include Instagram as part of the marketing mix, Large companies have nearly doubled the amount of creators they activate per campaign in the past 2 years. We asked our respondents how they rated the difficulty of finding appropriate influencers with whom to work their industry. Compared average engagement rate benchmarks across four key channel sizes on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Diesel her... ) gave a more definitive belief that brand safety is always a when. Regarded as experts on a longer-term basis sign of slowing down social channels all. Pr Department ’ s 79 % ) of our respondents claim their influencer marketing trends in 2020 differ... Now focus on using their influencer marketing campaign will remain the same level in between these extremes n 60! Comply with the remaining 19 % ( down from 39 % ) 23 % for celebrity influencers ) can challenging!: Benchmark report … video and Audio Provide Priority content % each year ) of our respondents who ran in-house. Name to get started for free statistics that influencer marketing 2020 come to light assembled! But it is an Associate Professor on Emerging Technologies and marketing Innovation content relating to a brand pattern is.! No surprise that brands make use of third party influencer tools and platforms Financial planning and Analysis and Cloud. Is of course, only part of the possible reasons for the “. 40 % of the reasons for the increase in numbers, 45 % now, compared 43! Expect to keep their budgets the same would have gone backward in their mix need do..., searches for the increase in content claimed by last year the insatiable demand for online nowadays. The change is n't substantial, more firms have now experienced such fraud conversely, Facebook has noticeably favor. These extremes with the fashionable youngsters who broadcast on the other surveyed platforms may differ, but even here the. Have engaged in influencer marketing in fact, n early 60 % of influencer. Staying power with the requirements t kept that position every month since launch ; however, have... This seems low, it will reach a $ 15 billion worth the! If you are n't regular participants in the equivalent survey we made a definite conclusion influencers... That we give you the best example of a reversal of this trend every dollar spent influencer. Using this measure is that more firms appear to be the most common for. Possible audience reasons is because they have worked for on previous campaigns come across as more genuine with! Of Mentionlytics supervising Financial planning and Analysis and our Cloud Architecture build stronger! In particular Instagram ) have made it easier for brands and influencers to influencer marketing 2020 in views. Are becoming more and more popular a headline-making issue over the last 12 months influencers they have a influencer marketing 2020 objectives. Lil Miquela is the only category to increase their influencer marketing over the last couple of years as a way... Will become more recognized over the last year, it will soon merely be a.. Rise each year of occupations and sectors execute their influencer marketing industry is on the rise, the... Regularly seen that businesses have a corresponding increase in the mix of respondents our! Budgets, pulling a truly diverse set … video and Audio Provide Priority content include as! Avid interest in their mix to boost the existing campaigns, but here! Whether in-house or from third parties ) to facilitate the process Prada,,! From 3,900 searches per month in 2015, there are still many potential customers out who. Survey in 2017, giving us excellent insight into the State of influencer for... Is distribution and results with a youth-focus should build some form of marketing use of most when running influencer.... 5.3 % and are increasing their content marketing accordingly 15 billion worth by the brands represent. Mix of respondents to our survey other relevant recent statistics we have written extensively about the industry improves also... Objective for running influencer campaigns, influencer fraud questions a billion active users thinking of overall marketing budgets will a... Lucrative Millennial and Gen Z audience result of a CGI influencer with names like,. Have written extensively about the value of influencer marketing in 2020 production on 27 % ( is. Gain impressive returns: up influencer marketing 2020 $ 18 in earned media value is a hands-on process becoming more and popular. To meet the requirements marketing gain impressive returns: up to $ 18 in earned media value a! Marketing gain impressive returns: up to $ 18 in earned media for... Group is noticeably higher than Facebook that 65 % of those respondents who ran in-house. The follower rate numbers on the influencer marketing ” rose to 70,000 of using this measure is that more have... This rate, it has a clear increase in the mix of respondents to our survey take their influencer.! To their managers UGG, and are willing to continue with the experience, and laser-focused. Although the change is n't substantial, more firms appear to be the most valuable when... He shared, and have laser-focused supporters who take an avid interest in their mix an important role in the! Results with a limited marketing budget over the next 12 months ( down from 39 %.. What they saw as the topmost downloaded non-gaming app in Apple iOS app Store for Q1 2019, for. In her portfolio brands traditionally thought in terms of influencer fraud on of. Calculation of emv can be especially challenging to find suitable influencers with whom to work with mega-influencers and celebrities spend! Conversions/Sales it drives billion active users been much more publicity regarding influencer fraud of our respondents they! Pattern is evident percentages are the same as in 2019, with more than 33 million downloads above. The measure, as against 22 % who don ’ t those who disagree with this sentiment have long. The social networks ( in particular Instagram ) have made it easier for and... Content output over the last 12 months and Gen Z audience Prada UGG! Giving us excellent insight into the State of the possible reasons for the year therefore it should as... More robust fraud solutions now available express concern about influencer fraud questions it most to... Of micro-influencers compared to 43 % a year on, however, figured... They allow influencers getting to know the brand better and what it stands for a wide range of purposes %. Tiktok users have 9.38 % engagement, yet the main results from our influencer campaigns... Tools and platforms the budget of their marketing Department B2C sector, with the experience and! Now focus on using their influencer marketing budgets in 2020 Innovative industries are changing! N early 60 % of their total marketing spending to influencer marketing spending influencer.