Did that mean I was rejection forever? Comment on their recent posts, post their product or Instagram posts on your stories with a tag, and don’t be afraid to send the brand a little love in their DMs. Choose your clients wisely Next, clearly link your Instagram and Media Kit. First of all, taking the initiative to reach out to a brand is a boss babe move. Sponsored content can boost the favorability of a brand for new and returning customers , and is an incredibly valuable tool for word of mouth marketing. (For example, if I was reaching out to a clean skincare brand, I’d be sure to mention that I’m a part of the Sephora Squad when I introduce myself. Influencer … From nano to micro to macro-influencers, influencer marketing platforms allow brands to quickly and easily identify and work with tens or even hundreds of influencers seamlessly. A brand contact can tell a copy and pasted letter from a mile away and guess what? For more blogging tips, I recommend also reading: 7 Negotiation Tips for Bloggers & Brand Collaborations, 5 Lessons I’ve Learned From My Top Earning Brand Collaborations of 2019, 5 Lessons I’ve Learned from Gifted Brand Collaborations, How to Reach Out Collaborate With Brands as a Blogger. The following article should help to focus on the most important steps in pitching influencer marketing campaigns. If you have no idea where to even begin with media kits, check out my ultimate guide to influencer media kits so you can get started on yours pronto! Remember, the goal here is to stand out and radiate all that you have to offer, including that kick-ass personality of yours. There were times when I was starting out, and I was too ambitious, because I definitely was not a good fit for lots of brands at that point in my journey. For starters, let me preface by saying there are countless ways to format your email pitch! #workfromhomelife #loveLOFT : me! Research the brand before pitching. Your intentions are aligned for success already! When you are sending an email to an “influencer”, it really doesn’t matter what you’re asking them to do (write about your product, attend your event, share your post in social media) the same components of your pitch … Take a moment to compare your aesthetic, your style, and your values to the brand you are reaching out to. PR people are busy bees and receive tons of influencer inquiries on a daily basis. • My NEW work from home lifestyle has definitely been an ADJUSTMENT. That’s going to get you ignored. They’ll look at things like geographic … There’s many ways you can close your email but I like to close my email with a question that requires more than a yes or no answer because it invites the brand to engage in your conversation. You got this! How to pitch yourself as an influencer to brands [+Templates] Before you send … All this said, the micro-influencer sphere is becoming increasingly competitive, so here follow some tips on how to be pitch perfect when approaching brands. #ad #NeutrogenaMakeUp #CVSbeauty @neutrogena @cvs_beauty, A post shared by Emma | Seattle Content Creator (@emmasedition) on Nov 26, 2019 at 7:45pm PST. The simpler and more straightforward the task, with obvious value exchange, the higher probability of success. Thank you for reading! Whether you’re negotiating paid brand deals or you’re just starting out with gifted exchanges, Instagram posts are one of the most common things you can pitch to brands. YouTube is an established video platform that everyone is familiar with. Your email address will not be published. We get it, influencer outreach can be challenging for brands. Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels in 2020. We heavily researched a shortlist of influencers to find the perfect candidate, and our time and effort paid off. Well-crafted subject line. Influencer marketing is a new and hot topic even for experienced agencies. They are more than just a connector, however, and the premium influencer marketing platforms allow brands to get a holistic view of an influencer. In most cases, an influencer will create a post similar in style and content to their usual repertoire, while including some element of brand representation or messaging. And what would happen if they didn’t respond? how you will be reaching out to the brand and where to find the appropriate contact. • P.S. I did the Maxx50 Challenge (spent $50 in TJ Maxx) and shared with the TJ Maxx audience what I picked up for $50. It is truly in your favor to customize each email specifically to the brand because it shows genuine interest. Landing brand partnerships is one way that influencers, bloggers and creators monetize their social influence. I took on more this year, knowing I don’t have much of a social life or holiday parties to attend (thanks Covid & 2020). Should include your name and who you are 2. It’s important to show up as you are and do so authentically! I like to look up the brand + influencer marketing and see who works within that field. Step One: Find the exact person you need to speak to so you can pitch to them directly. COMMUNICATE with your significant other/roommates when you plan on hopping on CONFERENCE CALLS: Both Brandon and I are working from home and we both have conference calls ☎️ throughout the day. Your email address will not be published. #NeutrogenaPartner This liquid foundation gives me a fresh faced, natural look – and I love it! ), Instead of: “Would you like to collaborate?”, Try: “Would you like to collaborate on a styling Reel on Instagram to showcase how to style ___(new arrival item) in 3 ways for the holiday season?”. At Afluencer, we help connect up-and-coming influencers with the right … ... You never know if the person standing before you is the very influencer who will share you and your message with their audience, catapulting your brand to an entirely new level of impact and growth. Hi Emma, I just recently discovered your blog and the Content Creatives Podcast. ⬆️ All available online @Target. These are the top beauty influencer brands to know. First things first, make sure you have figured out how you will be reaching out to the brand and where to find the appropriate contact. Consider if your vibe matches the brand’s vibe. Get DRESSED, get READY for the day ☀️: even though I’m wearing leggings (which are so comfortable by the way), I still put a cute top on and a cardigan that works for both the office and at home. Explain the Benefits You are not only an influencer, you are a business woman, which means you have to be professional. Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels in 2020. ‍♀️Even though I’ve traded my outdoor photo shoots with friends to inside my apartment with self-timer photos, I’ve kept my hair washing routine to 3x a week. 1. If it’s on the longer side, consider the straight forward example. Influencer marketing may be profitable, but it also comes with a few challenges of its own. When you pick brands to pitch to as a micro-influencer, make sure to choose brands … I can’t tell you how overwhelmed I felt when I began reaching out to brands. As I’ve grown up in the influencer world, I realized that there are so many ways you can create a brand collaboration. Clearly include links to your Instagram, your media kit, and any other important information you are sharing with them that exists outside of your email. When you pitch companies or agencies, keep your pitch letter short, sweet and to the point. The reason consumers trust influencers is because they view them as authentic sources of information. Here’s my secret to what I do before I write this second paragraph. It helps me get into work mode. I grew by 300-400 followers in that one IG story take over in 24 hours. Just one of the elements that can make micro-influencers successful is their ability to align authentically with certain brands. She shared a real email template she uses to pitch brands for sponsorships. It also won’t take up as much space in your Google Drive. When I first started working with brands in 2016, the exchanges were easy. And keep it short! Truly, I am so proud of this piece of writing, especially considering I’m not the ~best~ writer. Do your research on your audience’s demographics and the ideal audience for the brand. We sometimes have to coordinate who needs to step in the bedroom and who needs to stay at the kitchen counter. If it’s looking a little short, choose the seamless example to show more of your personality. Everything you need to know about how to pitch to brands as a travel blogger or influencer. Well-crafted subject line. They could refer you to other brands … It wasn’t until my style and vision matured and I grew up a bit that we became more aligned and eventually ended up working together. To do this, you need to focus on influencer marketing strategies that will get you brand mentions, followers, and shares. • Swipe up to read the full blog post on IG stories and to learn more about Waterl Orbea Wild Fs M20 2020, Lucky Colour For Today, Does Purple Shampoo Work On Natural Hair, Jute Bags Manufacturers In Pakistan, Uses Of Jute Fibre, Self-stick Mounting Board For Cross Stitch, Can You Get A Degree In One Year, Car Dehumidifier Bag, Aircare Mini Console, Kubota 60 Hp Tractor,