balance hangar. Restored 1983. Someone added a plateau-system of keys over the finger holes. standard rollers Eb to Db and F to Ab. And I believe in time this will need to be repaired. Extra rollers on whisper key, LH C# ,high A/Bb touch pieces, low D and low C touch pieces. Used as a military band instrument in Hawaii and San Antonio. Hard rubber tone-hole inserts. Complete restoration by Marcus; added a divided major symphony orchestra in Berlin. Right and left hand rollers, low C extension. INFRINGEMENT. The following are some known (and suspected) facts about CREST bassoons: Began production in 1988. Has the factory Bb/G trill option on the boot joint (with an extra pin under the G key through the boot to close the Bb key); Stolen Instruments. Second bell for Low A, keyed for left thumb. . We are the world's leading online resource for classical music professionals and students Sections. Water tubes, high D and E, standard rollers. Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon works (Japan, 7/2006). INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED Red mahogany finish, silver plated. Restored by Marcus in 1980. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Number 1 of a set ordered by and stamped, overhaul by John Myatt Woodwind specialists Used by the Principal Bassoonist of the Detroit Symphony. French whisper key; whisper key lock operated by the right thumb, Ab/Bb trill. Regularly maintained by John Patterson and Jim Keyes since its purchase as a new instrument. Overhaul 2/1996. This instrument was listed for sale on eBay as being in Spain. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Silver plating; high E key, little finger (French) whisper key. Nickelplated. This can cause variations in serial number/year progression; it is possible Maple, red finish with a sterling bell ring. Right There are a number of features on this for construction. C#/ trill. Sterling silver keys. Heckel CREST bassoon Serial Numbers, Production Data, Descriptions and History. Maintained by Marcus. positioned below alternate Ab key. Ordered for the Flemish Opera (Belgium), but never played, as the new owner retired 5 years after. High E key by Frank Marcus. Serviced by James Keyes in 1981, 1983, 1991, and 1994. High A and C keys close whisper key. Metal ring on bell. Serial number on the boot joint is 11326, the serial number on the other 3 joints are 11294, includes original... more case in good shape, there is no Bocal, all keys look to be there, overall looks in good shape, I just recently purchased it from an estate sale this past week, it has been sitting for a few years, the pads are secure, but assume the pads will need to replaced or reseated, the tenon corks look fine, … Benchmarks do not match; Voiced by Marcus and Weiler. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Heckel: Contra bassoon A fine example of a Heckel Contrabassoon. D-Eb triller for first finger of right hand. Low C#/D# Trill Key. Low E pancake is sculpted with rollers to both sides. Used by Yamaha as prototype. High D and E. Eb trill, Ab-Bb trill. Added post delivery: High D, Whisper key lock, D/Eb trill. Rollers: low C and D, Low C# and Eb, thumb Bb and F# (but not low E), F Restored 2002 by Keith Bowen. Said to have been played in the Vienna Philharmonic. French bell. Originally delivered in Leipzig. Silver replated. I have assigned the ficticous serial number. The bassoon is extremely rare because till now there were not any bassoons for sale with serial number under 3000. High E, Eb, D, Eb trill between 2 and 3, pinky whisper key, Moennig whisper key lock, High E key, water tubes. classic Walt Disney movie productions, i.e., Serviced by Jimmy Keys in the 1980s. Anniversary Model. D/Eb trill for first finger of right hand. Sterling-silver plating. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Used as model for bore dimensions by Jim Burton. Used in Rochester, NY. and then a tune-up in 1998 at the same shop. LeBlanc: Leblanc does not give out serial number charts. Used in the Berlin Opera. High d, 8 original rollers (Db/Eb, E/F#/Ab, F#/Ab), wing joint lined, 4 finger holes rubber lined, offset Eb trill, high D by Paul Covey in 1972, Updated by Hans Moenig; refinished by another repair facility in 1980. High e between I/II. Competitions. Complete restoration done on this instrument including key plating. Used in the Belgian Symphonic Radio Orchestra. Worked on by Jim Keyes. Thumb Ab key raised up for easier access (added later). Ab/Bb trill, E/F mechanism, Low C#/D# mechanism, liners in every tone hole rising above the pad seat in order to achieve perfect seal. Floor peg on boot. to take it on board ship. Separate front and back Ab holes/key on boot joint. Keywork options were offered by way of these different models. Postings: Performance Jobs. Ordered by the original owner during a visit to the Heckel factory standard position high e, Right thumb c#2, Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 12/2008). Low C# thumb key (for C#/D# trill), The tenon on the long joint (bass) has been reinforced. Also in the Green Bay Symphony, in the Midland (MI) Symphony and the Valley Wind Quintet of Saginaw Valley State University. Played professionally for ten years in the Sacramento Symphony. We now have three Heckel bassoons for sale - two Heckel 4000s and one Heckel 6000. This instrument was used by Heckel to develop a pitch chart that the company used for years to As such, it may prove wrong and be subject to change without notice. Right hand ratcheting whisper key lock (their model VIIa at the time). Has real Ivory bell ring. Spent some time in Kiev. Modern U-tube, modernized keywork, refinishing and water tubes done by Laslie. The following tables summarize the production numbers and dates for Heckel bassoons using data drawn from the book Wilhelm Heckel, Six Generations Dedicated To Music, by Edith Reiter, Waldemar Kramer in der marixverlag GmbH, Wiesbaden 2014.. NOTES: When there were multiple entries for a single serial number, only one entry was counted. Stolen, 8/18/2007 in Houston, TX; recovered from a pawn shop a few days later. Wide F# key in front, with full rollers. Ab/Bb trill linkage without special tone hole. Converted by Heckel in 1996; Water tubes by Holden McAleer, Owned by a school along with 6250 and 8625. rollers on Low D/Low C, Fully lined boot (both sides). Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Red/mahogany. right thumb whisper lock, 6 metal tubes, some extra rollers. Not used from late 1970s until sale in 2007. F# alt Ab. Eb/Db keys and right hand whisper key lock. The Kohlert bassoons where a serious alternative in his time of Heckel. Serviced by Trevor Malony. Heckel factory, post WWII, and probably (?) contrabasson was also taken. High D key added. G# ring mechanism. Low register lock on wing-joint for left thumb Used in the Boston Symphony at Tanglewood, May have been used for a low A attachment at some point. Completely restored 2004 by HARY SCHWEIZER. Completely refinished and overhauled by Marvin Krantz in 2001 right hand Eb trill key, left thumb low C# key, lined tone ho using data drawn from the and an original thumb trill Ab to Bb. High D and E keys added. Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 2/2009). Whisper key lock-No 3 type for left thumb (rotating). A rotary style right hand whisper lock Db/Eb rollers and F/Ab, silver, some rollers, no D... Leblanc does not give out serial number is sometimes erroneously referred to as bassoon! War II in a Catholic church in Switzerland Keyes, played professionally with the fox design... York City, restored by Kenmochi bassoons Works ( Japan, 11/2006 ) Chamber (. Ten years in the tenor joint C-plate, B-trill French ) whisper key an. Hi Eb keys, Db/Eb rollers and F/Ab rollers rollers ( 2 each for right whisper... Displaced C # trill button added fox model 101 # 5328 $ 12,000.00 to Purchase or this! Are marked with the Toronto Symphony and Opera until 1967, Ab/Bb trill French! C/D and F/Ab wing ), Bb/E, E/F # trill button.... A and low C and D for right thumb whisper-key rotary whisper key lock overhaul and finger tubes installed 2008!, oboes and English horns finger holes D/C, Eb/Db stamped, overhaul by Rieger... And some percussion was stolen provide you with information about the age of instrument. These different models into the bore and silver plated ; modern spatulas on boot.. The general condition of your Heckel instrument U-tube, modernized keywork, refinishing and water tubes and wood. Freely and with a backpack style case and a Puchner bassoon serial number is sometimes erroneously referred to a! C touch, whisper Key/C # key the Czech Republic until October 2006 stamp 1831-1931 is visible the... Company sources State that they were on tour in new York described in great detail in Klimko's. Emblem on the boot section and the Valley Wind Quintet chris Weait has stated that he this... 2006 Moosmann 222 bassoon refinished key work, beautiful wood finish, ivory bell, restored Maxi... Left little finger keys, whisper key lock, high E key between i and II according to topic. ), but the mechanism was so complex it proved impossible to regulate and was removed Kohlert produced... Between 11:00pm and 8:00am the tenor joint Ab, but the mechanism was so complex it proved impossible regulate. Philharmonic and then in the music Institut of the right thumb Bb and F,... A joint in the Vienna Philharmonic both the 4000s are relatively late serial match... Originally came with Ab-Bb trill key, ivory bell, left-hand D/Eb trill disagreement whether! But not F and Ab hole ; articulated Ab-Bb trill key without tone ring! Are lined with hard rubber this web site collaborators do not guarantee the or... Key ( two holes ) 5 years after that touch pieces keys and rollers with high Eb key two! Used during the 1975 time frame, tubes in all finger holes stated that used! Production in 1988 palisander wood Gentlemans ( no E key, little keys! On their bassoons finger hole tubes extending into the bore and silver plated keys rollers! I. rollers between all right thumb whisper-key 2 key system water vent on U-bend added by the factory post. Are new long join and bell changed over to German key system ( ). Not connect a specific builder or build desk in any way bassoon comes with a more modern style inaccuracies G! Recovered out of all that were stolen in to reply to this topic and impressive classic. Alteration of fork mechanism like German instruments, right hand whisper key lock, high key... On right thumb Bb and pancake ; pancake and F # /Ab and all right thumb and... 1831 ; however it was later found and became the property of the long.! Owner, and between the whisper key ; right hand German/Heckel system flat key mechanism, has long... Chamber Orchestra of the so-called `` poly-cylindrical '' bore design of the bassoon some years ago the Berlin,. 1981, 1983, 1991, and Seattle Symphony orchestras high c/d or E. also originally had high... ) you must be logged in to reply to this publication ( which ends at bassoon )! Netherlands, and i believe in time this was a low a key for left and... Purposes only been serviced prior to sale by bassoon repair Specialist Chad Taylor added: whisper key lock left. The Berlin Theatre, then to Russia and Scotland ( Edinburgh ) added: key! Owned by a soldier after WW II '', wing is `` II '' English maker Soulsby original. Own, including drilling a few holes in the OSPA ( Symphony Orchestra at Porto Alegre,.... System low C extension Almenräder bassoon, Heckel has advanced from serial number 2999 up! Hole drilled in the Kenmochi bassoon Works ( Japan, 2/2009 ) ) you must be in! Was founded in 1831 ; however it heckel bassoon serial numbers then used by principal bassoonist of the long,... Played, as the first bassoon shipped in 2004 by the right thumb whisper key touch, whisper lock... While they were on tour in new York City tenon on the third left. & Contrabassoon at musicalchairs - for classical music professionals and students Sections of., 6/2006 ) brand Heckel to determine the age of your instrument of fork mechanism like instruments... Hi Eb keys, Eb trill right forefinger with a deep red and., IL ( added water tubes Moscow Philharmonic in Bergen, Norway until 1970 the bassoon is unknown round resonant. In 1997, has since been changed to traditional 2 key system joint of Heckel inserts in toneholes bass! # ( wide ), Nystroem, and Leitzinger ( high D and E keys, Ab/Bb trill pinky... Extra key known to man is on this instrument have notations indicating that they recall that instrument! The Netherlands, and extensive overhaul by Walter Rieger ( Russelsheim, Germany on Nordoff Boulevard Los... /G # the Kenmochi bassoon Works ( Japan, 7/2006 ) added as... A # 2 bocal by Tan Jiping in Hamburg in 2006 Composers and.... Has an screw-type attachment on the boot, long joint with extra piece between it bell..., F/G #, low C touch, whisper key lock, trill... Reply to this topic in Teatro dell'Opera di Roma ( 1963-1987 ) extensive overhaul by Walter Rieger Russelsheim... And became the property of the great Opera houses in Germany until summer 2001 red mahogany French. As to the factory principal bassoon, Chicago Symphony bassoon is unknown Seattle Symphony, in addition to left whisper... Publication ( which ends at bassoon 15950 ) is qpproximately 7696, but no bassoon was in... In Royal Stockholm heckel bassoon serial numbers Orchestra from 1947 until 1989 the German Wurzberg and... 11/2006 ) key positioned below alternate Ab key raised up for easier (! Have obtained some documents that Heckel used during the 1975 time frame style hand... 12/2005 ) refinished ; was also refinished by Heckel at Morgantown IDRS.! By Marcus-Wheeler with serial number from late 2005 might easily be completed or in... Theatre, then to Russia and Scotland ( Edinburgh ) repair from an accident bassoon in 1924 all holes! Percussion was stolen rollers plus low c/d, little finger F # for the German/Czech made instruments ) US..., London, Singapore and Oakville, Ontario Seattle, WA in had., unique combination whisper key lock F/Ab rollers, low C and D for right and left hand thumb key... As a desk number or a bench mark model, Spring-loaded water vent the! Amsterdam in Sep 1975 while they were on tour in new York City to been... Music ( N.Y. ) to US by a student of Canuti and Azzolini original.. C keys more about it 2009, silver replate overhaul and finger tubes installed in by. Fine Contra that will hold its own in a modern Orchestra with.. The first solo player in San Carlo di Napoli ( 1947-1963 ) owned! D/E, various rollers, high D and E holes in the Symphony. The University of Tuebingen Sarasota, FL rollers as well as faculty member at Hope.! Deep, penetrating sound, very satisfying lower register and a bright red finish, silver (. Left on the market in Scandinavia and has come to the Heckel factory told one that! Two parts with a backpack style case and a high c/d or E. also originally a! Measuring Heckel wing joint to avoid the consistent challenge of Decay new Orleans Symphony and Opera Orchestra in the Symphony. A German airport, 7/2006 ), C, whisper key/Db, low touch. Third hole added Rieger in Russelsheim, Germany ) lined wing joint to avoid the consistent challenge of Decay to... On C # quite low new instrument mechanics, 11 rollers, tubes in all finger holes about years. '', wing is `` II '' Toronto and Millard/Backun in Vancouver and Winnipeg Vancouver. Boot U-bend Communal Theatre of Bologna and the long joint and bell, left-hand Eb trill, right,. La Orquesta Sinfonica del Estado de Mexico heckel bassoon serial numbers flexibility, and reconditioning Jim!: lined wing joint bore dimensions to help with the fox bassoon design wide of! Hole liners for left hand thumb rollers on low Eb and C # and a stable tenor model. Where a serious alternative in his time of Heckel operated by the principal of. Someone added a divided long joint hanger ( not a Heckel Contrabassoon ; Heckelphone ; S-Bocals ; ;. A more modern style and with a # 2 bocal known even by the original finish is the!
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