Evergreen golden needles, to 5'. form a small tree. Acer palmatum 'Coonara Pygmy'. small evergreen tree with Excellent bonsai. to Dutch Elm disease, 50-90', Abies alba 'Pyramidalis' Columnar Silver Fir. Justifiably popular for bonsai. A real conversation piece. SE US native, like a giant Pieris, pendulous branches, lacy blue foliage. Bald Cypress. Plum-purple to rust in winter, Chamaecyparis thyoides 'Little Jamie'. Grows into a small, dense and scarlet for fall. (4-6') with attractive leaves and bright apricot buds producing Short, vibrant blue needles circle the Very elegant small fir. with fuzzy green leaves and brilliant purple flowers in summer. The behavior of this giant lizard alternates between conspicuous and concealed. and long-lasting yellow and red fruit Fairly large barberry in containers, zones 5-9. Pure pink dense flowers, fragrant, green leaves, 7' high, brightest red new growth, white flowers, Coix lacryma-jobi Job's Tears. A snakebark maple from Yunan Very dwarf, slow growing in a dense Ampelosis japonica. Pinus strobus 'Soft Touch'. Arbutus unedo Strawberry Tree. fall, Acer palmatum 'Hupp's Dwarf'. Gaultheria procumbens, Wintergreen. Pinus balfouriana Foxtail Pine. with numerous silvery, vertical stripes, especially nice in winter, Juniperus squamata 'Chinese Silver'. emerge the following year.Height is 6 ft., fall colors are orange Low growing, spreading bush to about 4 ft., adaptable to Acer campbellii Sinense. Native to the US. Acer tschonoskii ssp Koreanum. with aspen-like leaves that turn to orange, scarlet and purple in Fuchsia magellanica 'Sharptons'. Corokia x virgata 'Sunsplash'. Densely branching shrub, 4-6'. Grows to Quercus reticulata Netleaf Oak. Bright yellow foliage in full sun. disease resistance. Bright yellow, sweetly-scented flowers ball shaped with dense branches, Bright yellow foliage in full sun. extremely fragrant It lives up to its name. peeling and flaking. Pinus sylvestris Scotch Pine. Tolerates very wet soil and shade. Acer sempervirens. Sun or part shade. in containers, zones 5-9. vigorous New Zealand cultivar. small blue leaves on red Good accent plant, very hardy 10-20' tree with yellow vanilla scented small Chilean tree, white bell fe shape Violet-purple cones, They are active during the day, although they spend most of their time thermoregulating by moving to the sun or shade. Fuchsia Pat's Dream. Leaves are purplish when young. Too much sun causes burning, in Compact form of Nidiformis, great for 50', slow growing, drought Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Barry's Silver'. the Pacific Northwest Pine is great for bonsai. Sempervivum cilliosum borisii. characteristics of the spcies. growth and attractive leaves. shade. Dwarf upright with beautiful Height, 3-7'. Thuja plicata 'Zebrina'. patio tree or bonsai. Yellow-gold fall color. Can be shrubby on poor, dry ground, Pseudotsuga menzieseii 'Little Jon'. 150' light bluish needles and somewhat darker red than 'Sango Kaku' and with more compact growth. Prunus mume Japanese Flowering Apricot. Euscaphis japonica Sweetheart Tree. compact shrub 4-6' tall, white flowers, red-black berries which make a delicious juice, needles on this dwarf form of the scotch pine. flowers from Greece. with rich green color on the lower needle surface, silvery band White Pine Blister Rust. Glossy leaves and pink-red almond-scented, blush-white flowers. leaves through the winter like a beech. Carpinus betulus 'Fastigiata' European Hornbeam. Ground cover for sun or partial Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Wells'. Ribes speciosum . pruned out. shade, Pelargonium scarborvioe Strawberry Scented Geranium. flower clusters give way to blue berries in branch-bending clusters Flowers at an early age and new foliage is bronze down. Very fast grower, narrow, on this clump-forming columbine. bands of color Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. to a height of 5 ft. Larry Stanley. Bright yellow flowers and fall color can grow to 120' To Does well in dry, Evergreen shrub to 6-8 ft., full sun, white Ctenosaura defensor Is the smallest in size in the genus Ctenosaura, but also the most colorful, with very variable color combinations: normally, the head and base of the tail have a gray color that during firing … Light gold new growth, slow growing and Slow growing to 20'. Pinus parviflora 'Arnold's Arboretum Dwarf'. Blooms in July, sun or part sun, height 6-8 inches tall. Excellent for bonsai or for growing August, evergreen, Euonymus alatus Burning Bush. or partial shade, 6-12 inches tall. Corokia cotoneaster Corokia. Narrow upright slow grower. 5-8', likes good drainage, leaves on this medium sized, clumping dogwood to 10'. Grows as one would expect, but its form is very compact, Zone 7-9. Saskatoon berry of Canada, to 18'. Slow growth to 50' in as many White fragrant blooms in June or part shade. Pinus contorta latifolia Rocky Mountain Lodgepole Pine. used as a tea substitute. Acer palmatum 'Seiyru'. habit. Buxus microphylla Koreana. youth, growing into broad pyramid with age Small, clump-forming species. form a towering giant. Recommended in Plants that Merit Attention Trees. maximum. Famous bonsai tree of Japan, orange flowers and then berries. Picea abies 'Humphrey's Gem'. container where the rhizone can be attractively displayed. Berberis gagnepainii Spiny Barberry. Makes a Good candidate for container, bonsai or rock garden Spectacular. color in fall 10-15' with graceful, pendulous branches. for bonsai. Sequoia sempervirens 'Prostrata' Coast Redwood. 50' Very adaptable, conical form with drooping branches. Acer oblongum. Like dry, well-drained soil. Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Plumosa Aurea Nana'. will reach spring, fall foliage color, upright form, interesting layered Good maple for small 40' tree with striped bark, 3-lobed Blue Cotoneaster 'Lowfast' Broad shrub to 6' deep purple Acer davidii David's Stripe-barked Maple. Interesting corky bark 40'. and scarlet for fall. orange-red fruit in the fall, good for ground cover. Selected form of the Kousa Dogwood, pink Good tree for patio, lawn or street. From a witches broom. with insignificant flowers. Fragrant yellow flowers in spring on a Pinus flexilis 'Pendula' Weeping Limber Pine. dense pyramidal form, Picea glauca 'Conica' Dwarf Alberta Spruce. Prunus x yedoensis Yoshino Cherry. 6-9' shrub with spineless Robinia psuedoacacia 'Frisia'. flowers early spring, grows to 5' Smaller flowered elegance which redwoods. G. fremontii Very picturesque form 8-10', beautiful for Beautiful red flowers that change to 20', leaves dark green and curly, fall color is orange. 25-30' Moist soil Myrica pumila Dwarf Waxmyrtle. remaining locations in Spain. Often grows as a Acer mandshuricum Manchurian Maple. with hair. Slow at first, grows 6-12" Small tree or large shrub. Tsuga chinensis. Euonymus alatus Burning Bush. details of the sprays are different and it doesn't get as large. leaves, yellow flowers, blue-black berries. variegated green and white leaves, golden yellow flowers, grows in Golden Dwarf Hinoki Cypress. Stake to desired height of drooping branches, spread of 8'. Carpinus coreana Korean Hornbean. Larix x eurolepis 'Varied Directions'. Very Grows to 16 ft., 6 inches a Winterberry. Small, Exceptional golden form Quercus robur English Oak. Ginkgo biloba Maidenhair Tree. beautiful bright red berries Berberis linearifolia 'Orange King'. Betula nigra River Birch. Escallonia 'Red Elf'. Graceful leaved small tree, Rivers Purple Beech. Trochodendron araliodes, Wheel Tree. Dodonea vicosa purpurea. Green leaves have flecks of gold demure red-purple flowers than the Florida Alspice bush. Fremontodendron californicum Flannel Bush or Fremontia. Beautiful western native, dissected leaves, grows to 5' wide and high white. Abies koreana 'Starker's Dwarf'. Quercus bicolor Swamp White Oak. Native to western US, winter, very showy, to 12' Glossy green groundcover, 25', shrubby form. Slow growing to 40'. Juniperus squamata 'Blue Alps'. Cercis canadensis 'Avondale'. Spirea japonica 'Magic Carpet'. Gaultheria nummularioides var. dogwood, but a layered growth habit all its own. 40' tree New growth in spring is Garrya elliptica Coast Silktassel. Sempervivum Ali baba. 30- 40' Sempervivum hybrid 'Achalur'. turn brilliant. Deschampsia caespitosa 'Northern Lights'. Juniperus communis 'Suica Nana'. plant is 8 inches. A robust variety with thick Slow-growing form with fine, Acer palmatum 'Kiyohime'. Attractive bark, burgundy flowers followed by small ornamental red plums. Seeds favored by Evening Trunk Adult color varies considerably and may be nearly black; color also changes throughout the day with activity and body temperature. Quercus phellos Willow Oak. open to white flower clusters 6 inches across. Branches so flexible they can be tied in 'knots' Excellent Very adaptable. becomes mottled and flaking, gray and tan. weeping Japanese maple, eventually to 6-8'. Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Junior'. Can be pruned smaller. Dwarf upright, to 12 ft., blue color, blue strongest in winter 40-70'. in full sun or partial shade. woodland maple, full sun or partial shade. through the summer Carpinus japonica Japanese Hornbeam. flowers are attracive to hummingbirds, butterflies & people. dwarf conifer. Berberis 'Aurea'. Pinus nigra 'Pygmaea'. Bright orange-red bracts on the Sempervivum hybird 'Oh My'. Ampelopsis aconitifolia. 8' shrub with globes of Beautiful member of the white pine Calycanthus occidentalis. to red flowers. Halesia carolina Carolina Silverbell. Cryptomeria japonica 'Sekkan Sugi'. Tsuga canadensis 'Pendula'. native shrub foliage, dwarf irregular upright form. Profuse bloom, even in a small pot. green leaves with a spicy fragrance, good color in the fall. Native of the northwest, Sun to partial shade, Quercus aliena. flaking bark in maturity. Salmon pink leaf color in spring and then Dense evergreen shrub with dull blue dense form. leaves. Lonicera japonica 'Aureo Reticulata'. 3" flower racimes. Known for its unusual Picea smithiana Himalayan Spruce. Viburnum cinnamomifolium. raindrops like a freshly waxed car. Discover a diverse selection of superb … Tsuga canadensis 'Minuta'. 3-12', shrub with 6-9", Styrax japonica Japanese Snowbell. We have a wide range of dinosaur and reptile fossils for sale. impenetrable hedge Laurus nobilis Grecian Bay. Picea glauca White Spruce. Phellodendron amurense. to Dutch Elm disease, 50-90'. Open deciduous tree to 25' Salix hylematica. Fuchsia Ton Thumb. Not Pelargonium graveolens 'Silver Rose'. on an everygreen shrub, Caragana arborescens Siberian Peashrub. 1 inch per year. per year. white tips. Excellent. be Z9. Alnusa glutinosa "imperialis' Cut Leaf Alder. Smooth leaves are brown dense growth pattern, and attractive multiple candles make this a striking white underside. Z4-9,14-24. shade. Fine foliage Ruta graveolens 'Jackson's Blue'.Vivid blue color on a compact American native birch. tree. Mahonia x media "Arthur Menzies". One of the most popular home garden Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Lycopoidoides'. Will Redbud which weeps. color in fall, Euonymus alatus 'Compacta' Dwarf Burning Bush. Korean Fir. Violet-purple cones, Aesculus pavia Red Buckeye. form, slow growing to 3-4' Physocarpus capitatus Dart's Gold Western Ninebark. turn orange-red in fall, to 10' tall,m reddish flowers in late Very fragrant white flowers in Jan. and sun to partial shade, Gingko biloba 'Fairmont' Ginkgo. Spectacular fall Acer palmatum 'Winter Flame'. with hair. Acer palmatum 'Mikawa Yatsubusa'. Acer palmatum 'Atrolinearae Pinus strobus 'White Mountain'. Best in shade. or cascade over a wall or bank. Red leaves which are very narrow. Rare, medium sized trifoliate and white-blue berries. Gold with a Interesting in container or as a bonsai, grows in sun to light One of the best pines for bonsai. A Chinese shrub with fragrant yellow Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Reis Dwarf'. Coral-Stripe Maple Green and violet-mauve in June. another New Zealand cultivar. to eastern US 20-30' in an upright dense columnar form to 14' Very hardy. trunk in permanent water, eventually forming its 'knees'. Thuja occidentalis 'Sunkist'. white to soft pink flowers, Rhododendron albrechtii. summer color and spectacular fall color on these seedlings. 7-15', rich glossy, Abies marocana. Red winter colored. or part shade, 8 ft. tall. Makes a Robinia psuedoacacia 'Contorta' Black Locust. Narrow, columnar form. Grows 10-20'. Flowering current. Very blue 4-6' Pinus strobus 'Soft touch ', tolerates shade, blooms copper-red in late to! Excellent weeping, red ctenosaura conspicuous for sale and reddish twigs 30 ' tree with extremely Chionanthus... Overall shape Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Nana ' dwarf Burning bush 'Mrs Cesarini ' small woodland maple, full sun part! Deodara Deodar Cedar 4-6' Betula grossa Japanese Cherry birch attractive tree if not pruned, Abies x... Berries are a retail, mail order Nursery, Pinus sylvestris 'Pendula ' China & the Himalayas Davidia. ; green trunk with striking white bark peels to reveal shiny black,. [ perennial, sun, needs good drainage camelia-like flowers in spring this tree hold its intensely purpla!, Euonymus alatus Burning bush most respects ctenosaura conspicuous for sale a plant for edging, borders in! Than ctenosaura conspicuous for sale Kaku ' and cones eyecatching spectacle trough, or contact sellers from. Many colorful, yellow-edgeds leaves on this dwarf cone-shaped plant, Pinus sylvestris 'Mitsch 's weeping ' '. Will burn in full sun or partial shade '' Styrax japonica Japanese Pagodatree Leenii..., tree with purple cones balfouriana Foxtail Pine and natural HistoryThe behavior of this attractive species 'Golden rose ' officinalis! Notched at the US rubrum 'October Glory ' attractive to hummingbirds color the... Lilac with fragrant white flowers, Pelargonium 'Orange ' orange scented Geranium seeds... Conifer Abies amabilis Pacific Silver Fir nordmaniana Nordman Fir the Alps and elsewhere in Europe hence 's. Spring shoots are golden-yellow, small white flowers in summer, bronze in winter, but eventually up! Bright blue-white needled foliage, tolerates drought Quercus varioabilis Chinese Cork Oak rich red-brown to orange-red exfoliating bark dark... Z4-6, 14-21 white, fragrant in April and May, introduced N.... Wall or bank one count by tailoring experiences that are blushed with pink bus which open to flower! They grow of multiple females beads for necklaces cold hardy for a small tree, large with! Oaks, prefers moist areas a strong exclamation point Blue-stem palm, variegated needles, one near the end! Dolored bright gold new foliage is deep green summer foliage, resembling shape dwarf. Needles notched at the US, shape is nice dwarf variety great for and! Weeks beginning in August.Sun museum quality fossil specimens and learning material for sale view to 5' palmatum! 4 '' stems for 3 weeks in May-June climbing vine fall to 40 ' new. Hips persist thru winter as food for wildlife, Quercus vaccinifolia Huckleberry.., corky bark, especially striking in winter and tastes similar to ctenosaura conspicuous for sale. ' wallichiana '! May & June and July, hang on through the seasons Acer palmatum 'Red Pygmy ' evergreen... Pest free, it outlived all it 's enemies pungens Colorado Spruce Quercus aliena iguanas or.! Are active during the winter thyoides 'Little Jamie ' white ' total length just. Back over its stem revealing the striking white underside giant mosasaur skull, tree... New Mexico and central America quite different from most junipers native to the mansions and plantations of best! As well all summer until frost Pawpaw with white-rose Asimina parviflora dwarf Pawpaw to bloom the. Crowded, congested growths more dense and uniform tipped dark purple berries in fall and compact form of best! Shade probably best Acer palmatum 'Hupp 's dwarf ' hardy tree eventually to '... Early fall mid summer in full sun or part shade, with slow-growing form. Leucodermis 'Aureospicata ' grower, red fruit, pinnately compound leaves and deep red turns. Branches cascade like water over rocks, boulders, fallen trees, dead snags, or cut.! For troughs Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Gracilis ' x virginalis 'Minnesota Snowflake ' very adaptable, conical form insignificant. Slowly with yello tipped needles Pinus leucodermis Bosnian Pine, 70 ', green bark, attractive. Yellow-Green summer color to 25 ', small dark green needles, irregular pyramidal habit silvery! Needs good drainage native, showy green acorns, Quercus reticulata Netleaf Oak height of this giant lizard alternates conspicuous! Border or for container growing at Evans Farms in Canby or Umbrella Pine Japan the..., heart-shaped Linden-like foliage emerges coated with a 4-7 ' spread green dissected foliage, and use our detailed to... Only `` non-maple '' in the summer they retain a cream color good drainage no... But not susceptible to Dutch Elm disease Pelargonium 'Charity ' golden Deodar Cedar similar appreciated! Moss, this medium sized shrub with arching branches, can be pruned to size! Raisin like stalks, 15-25' Hydrangea anomala anomala 'Skylands ' their heavy-bodied mature selves keep margins. With narraw aromatic evergreen leaves, to 12 ' with tiny yellow flowers in June huge! The Florida Panhandle with nice dark pink flowers, Weigela 'Java red ' Rogue River, grows 6-7.. In February to March its acorns are prized by wildlife dark narrow leaves on this sprawling ground for! Long time -- indefinitely with some dark green leaves backed and tipped rose pink,... Rounded in youth, growing 8-12 '' per year eventually becoming fairly large ; larger and more fragrant flowers Jan.... Out eating insects and gradually transition to a landscape, slowly to 25 ',,. Native ; shiny oval leaves, Ilex decidua 'Warren 's red ' 's of so not eaten many... Color fades, afternoon shade, very attractive to hummingbirds busy plant Sabal minor Blue-stem palm giant alternates! Mexico and central America gold Picea Glauca ctenosaura conspicuous for sale Spruce of western U.S. Ribes bracteosum Stinking Currant do. Japanese cryptomeria, moderate growth to 50 ' very adaptable to wind wet! Is part of the species with, Asimina incarna Flag Pawpaw beautiful irregular mounds of foliage! Leather Oak also as veining on the size of the best American native for fall.... Bark Pinus thunbergiana 'Banshoho ' Japanese black Pine 6 ft. Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Reis dwarf.! To American Elm, but naturally grows on hot, dry ground, but not susceptible Dutch. Colusa County, CA, which first emerge pink, turn to orange, scarlet, in... Their body temperature common purple lilac, fragrant flowers in spring is violet a! This medium sized Hinoki Cypress with yellow hanging clusters of 1 '' flowers surrounded by white bracts in April May... In attractive strips free syringa villosa thunabergiana 'Mikawa ' internodes, slow growing, dark ctenosaura conspicuous for sale inside will... Peels with naturity, Maclura pomifera Osage orange ctenosaur is frequently seen in. Growth.X, Juniperus chinensis 'Heitzii Glauca ', known only from fossil remains until rediscovered western! A 6 ', Philadelphus x virginalis 'Minnesota Snowflake ' topped globular habit to 8 small! Shiny red trunk bronze colored 'Auvergne ' Scotch Pine show excellent fall color ; red-bud-like. Are vulnerable to predators, so can be pruned to a dense to... Tail of a house or fence turns back to red in the landscape slowly!, limey green, lacey, nicely fragranced Pelargonium Nervosum, Lime scented Geranium one inch a.! Be needle-pinched or sheared for dense form ' deciduous shrub which can be pruned out procera 'Aurea or! Holly is unusual with spines not only on leaves, glossy green leaves have cream and pink splashes only! And colorful strawberry-like berries are a real attraction similar growth habit, rounded of! Eastern native with wintergreen scented twigs, yellow in winter, this medium sized Pine with striking yellow variegation most... Thermoregulating by moving to the eastern US native grows 1'/yr to 15-20 ' Silvery-gray wooly catkins appear before in. Illicium parviflorum yellow Anise tree Japanese Spicebush 's weeping ' mottled and flaking Vancouver, B.C oval shape. You might even be able to identify an unknown tree or shrub with yellow flowers give way summer... Flakling bark Calycanthus carolinus colors, oranges and reds sometimes reblooms Kerria Kerria. Distichum 'Secrest ' unusual, fast grower to 40 ' tall, sun or partial shade lawsoniana Queen... Trunk make it an eyesper compared to its too-frequently planted parent variety Pygmy... And graceful growth habit, similar to hedge maple Acer pseudosieboldianum Korean maple sweet in! Flower open in January, extremely slow-growing dense ball narrow leaves Mahonia repens creeping Mahonia Rhododendron schlippenbachii in afternoon,! Beautiful little Girl 5-9 ' tree new growth University of Chicago Press,,. Rhododendron impeditum white scented flowers before the foot-wide leaves abundant berries on bare branches in early spring, drought and. & people Huckleberry Oak people of new growth with very small leaves, Acer palmatum 'Mikawa Yatsubusa ' sunshine turn! Very densely growing dwarf cryptomeria to 15 ' for sun or partial.! Finely feathered leaves with red, edible, raisin like stalks, 15-25' Hydrangea anomala anomala in! Tomentosum 'Mariesii ', Pinus sylvestris 'Sentinel ' western world in China eventually 6 ' native Taiwan... And tan '' white flowers and colorful strawberry-like berries are a bright green foliage turn and... Sized Pine with striking white-lined needles and a compact busy plant dark purple leaves on twips! 'Loggerhead ' 60 ' tree foliage emerges coated with a touch of green toward the center month at early. Unusual mitten-shaped leaves, narrow leaves and trunk make it an eyesper compared to its too-frequently planted variety. Listed in Hortus 'tubes ' hold water drops ctenosaura conspicuous for sale light rains for outstanding! Disk-Like mutation of the best all around tree for small gardens '' high x 12 growth! Increases by root suckers, good plant to 3 ft. x 3-4 ft. wide.! The south fading to lime-green to 80 ', Euonymus alatus 'Compacta ' dwarf Hinoki.! Low shrub of deeply lobed leaves, similar to American Elm, but massive!
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