The goal is to complete a race around the solar system and back to earth. Object of the game is to move 4 satellites completely around the orbit in a clockwise direction and into their correct position in "Final stage" marked by corresponding colour. Waddingtons Blast-Off! We started play testing it and showing it off to groups (including the good people at the UK Space Agency’s Lunchtime Board Game Club!) The Tiny Epic Galaxies BLAST OFF board game is a streamlined successor to the best selling game Tiny Epic Galaxies.. The satellite then moves around the orbit by exact number of spaces … First person to launch all 10 rockets wins! Sep 18, 2016 - Space race game. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The conquest of space is one of the most exciting adventures upon which mankind has ever embarked. Based on our many months of intense research for both this and our digital sister project (called ‘Mars Horizon’ too) and drawing from the support we’ve had from both the UK Space Agency and other space organisations, the game is as authentic as it can be while … This is a space race game that uses a spinner for movement and has 3 types of cards for different spaces landed upon. £19.95 + P&P . £10.00 + P&P . or word (Blast Off). It provides a game where players are constantly making decisions as they try to keep their spacecraft in a satisfactory orbit and travel around the solar system. £12.50 + P&P . features an off turn mechanic called following. Dock, un-dock, go into orbit and make a successful landing. VINTAGE BOARD GAME "BLAST-OFF" Waddington's 1969 Complete Excellent Condition . Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail,