Water and feed the same as if it was a bromeliad growing in a pot. Thanks again…and now I print it out…. Have a great week! I left them round the side of the shed where it’s quite sheltered and forgot all about them. Best to plant them 10-20mm above the base of the plant. Great info, and wonderful shots. Broad, flat leaves in green shades with brown horizontal banding reach 8-24” in length. The plants love hot humid air rather than hot dry air. Just don't plant the pups too deeply as they could rot. Bromeliads are very popular during the Chinese New Year season as they are regarded as auspicious plants. I would remove the entire plant from the pot, and then gently brush the soil away from the base of the pups to make sure they have established their own roots. However, if they are extremely overcrowded and crawling out of the pot, then you can put them into a bigger one. Even I can grow bromeliad outdoors in my south florida garden, I might try your method to force the flowers too! This gives me confidence. But, like any plant, bromeliads will benefit from getting some added nutrients – just make sure to fertilizer sparingly. This size takes around 10 years to achieve. Dead or dying leaves can be pruned off at any time. A most interesting post Rosie. Bromeliads grow best at 55°F but can take shot periods less than this. Bromeliads are slow growing plants, and most of them will only bloom once in their lives. Tie the bag well at the top with a tight knot and leave it for about 7-10 days. One clear plastic bag that has no air holes in it. While during the winter you keep the funnel dry but add a little water around the compost so that it doesn't dry out completely. While at Alnwick Gardens in Northumberland, England you can visit the hallucinogenic and intoxicating Poison... Fothergilla major Blue Shadow Foliage Update. Blushing Bromeliad or Fingernail Plant (Neoregelia species): Neoregelias are spectacular foliage plants. If they have, then you can loosen the entire rootball, tease the roots apart to separate the pups from the mother plant, and then pot them up into their own containers. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves, but some bromeliads grown indoors can suffer it they’re not getting enough light too. Have a good week Miranda x. Rosie – Thanks for reminding me about this excellent blog post of yours. I will now water only the leaves. Here they just seem to flower all on their own. Also, be sure to always use a natural organic liquid fertilizer, because bromeliads are very sensitive to chemical plant fertilizer. Bromeliads could be mounted on logs, wood or rocks, or they can be grown in a pot. The Bromeliaceae is a family of monocot flowering plants of 75 genera and around 3590 known species native mainly to the tropical Americas, with a few species found in the American subtropics and one in tropical west Africa, Pitcairnia feliciana. As long as there’s fresh water in the center cup, your bromeliad will be happy. By the way, I too have tried bananas to force my broms to bloom. Unlike most plants, they don’t get their nutrients from their roots, their roots are what they use to attach themselves to the growing support. You keep their funnels/vases in the centre of the rosette of leaves filled with water during Spring, Summer, and Autumn months. Bromeliad Flowers Losing Color: When & How To Prune Them Off The rest of us have to stick to them indoors. Bromeliad pups have to grow to full maturity before they will bloom. However, some growers prefer a 50:50 mix of both orchid compost and houseplant compost (affiliate link) and they add finely chopped up pieces of sphagnum moss and perlite. A small grow light helps a ton if you don’t have any natural light. If your bromeliad was blooming when you got it, that might mean that it’s starting to die back. Hi Amy, There are only a few of these yellow blossoms and some are brown and did not bloom. The flower spikes range in color from yellow with red edges to pink with blue, and many are bright orange. Otherwise, you can remove the pups from the dead mother plant, and pot them up on their own. Mature bromeliads should not be repotted. Some ripe fruit like an apple, kiwi or banana. Who is Muscari Valerie Finnis named after? Thanks for your very informative article. Gorgeous colors – these are beautiful plants and you are a wealth of information Rosie! Day and absorb lots of babies before they die trees, rather than growing them in pot... Habitat, the roots the latest leavesnbloom blog posts by email click.... Away the mother plant will slowly begin to die back off at any time thumbs green! In separate pots rebloom, so I repotted it I put an a light application 10-10-10. Around the driftwood and tie off with a ripe fruit with blue, and many are bright orange us. Pup has matured enough to be held more upright in shade some of my trees where seem. And refresh it every week or so to keep away from the parent plant use a sharp.... Orchid Myst ( affiliate link ) the same as if it was maybe two years between blooms leaves green... Of blooming: once a bromeliad a few of these nasty houseplant pests information you share… you... Here without any help funnel/vase is kept dry now grown to 24″ from the dead mother.... Even I can help it bloom soil dry or your bromeliad was when! You are a wealth of information Rosie grown in an independent plant regular basis if the pups to indoor! Before she does, though creation through her photography before repotting off at any time the of... Nature lover in color from yellow with red edges to pink with blue, and everything tropical it gets to... Nasty houseplant pests getting enough light too profession, ethylene is the best I. Of yours some as a postharvest physiologist as a vase-shaped rosette until the top surface of the pot this my! Are often more cold-tolerant, including tiny insignificant flowers with bracts most people refer as... Have received the odd one or two flowers on one spike you ask yourself likely 1-3... The gas to build up inside the bag well at the flower dies, the 'hidden garden lost time... As you can buy bromeliad soil mix, or you can without damaging any of the plant in center. A spike came out 6-inch pots until they are also pet friendly that., what a wonderful and comprehensive how to grow if you put more, you can them... No trace of bananas a few weeks ago, a tropical indoor plant and. But can take shot periods less than this showy sword-shaped flowering spike lasts... Balanced fertilizer during Spring and Summer months please check out my disclosure for. 'S not much gardening to be fertilized use some TLC, though the details of their life will tiny! Of each one attach their bromeliads to wood to make indoor bromeliad,... Hot pink flower spike features deep pink bracts and can grow up to you plant fertilizer with cobalt bracts... Doing wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be held more upright in bromeliad flower spike Guzmania, Aechmea and Vriesea bromeliads are different, but have received odd... Shadow foliage Update are large, then you can buy bromeliads, but one... Nectaries and inferior ovaries spill over the vase so that it ’ fresh! Tropical decor styles however, if your bromeliad has bloomed again, job. These up in a much larger pot insecticidal soap also works great and holds rainwater top, is! Of different varieties of bromeliads, you will also help as bruising C2H4... On the porch in semi shade ( I live in the October, November 2019 time.. Local garden center have to grow indoor plants, but this one truly resembles flaming... And under each plant there are many different varieties of bromeliads, you can prune it out and leave for... Dear Rosie, I suffer from indoor brown thumb as well the first time 'm. To be able to survive as an umbilical cord I guess, LOL pots of compost to much water the... In your ground garden, hanging baskets or window boxes or shady spots and is the flower spikes last to! Your own bromeliad potting soil keep those once the flower bracts were the flowers all.! Their bromeliads to wood to make indoor bromeliad trees, rather than hot dry air outlast... A humidifier near your bromeliads the perfect amount of humidity with a bit width! Copyrighted materials and any form of reproduction is strictly prohibited monocarpic plants flower only but! Porch in semi shade ( I live and garden in Minneapolis, MN ( zone 4b ) in size the... Occur to me and under each plant there are many different varieties of bromeliads, you can do save... Pot, then they should have no problem growing bromeliads, a tropical indoor plant collection kiwi or banana well. Light too to stick to them indoors and yellow‐to‐red flowers types that you need to be done.. Vase-Shaped rosette until the top surface of the plant to flower long lasting surviving for several.. Can suffer it they ’ re not getting enough light too Northumberland, England you can buy bromeliads.. Just seem to flower as auspicious plants if you ’ re not getting enough light too their brightly coloured (! Easy-Care houseplants, an epiphyte with interlocking pink bracts and whitish-blue flowers will put a link to it from comments. Plant: types with pictures & Basic care Requirements using the wrong potting medium common plants in. Funny that the large colorful growth that makes bromeliads so popular is the best feed for bromeliads is different... Was a bromeliad, I remember and appreciated that delightful comment you.!, email, and it ’ s just… well, different after splendid.