;-(. But neither med helped nor relieved the itching. The solution has to remain wet as it is still working. I wanted to take him to the vet but my husband is not into spending that kind of money on pets but since they were our daughters he said she could take him if she paid for it. He was swaying and began to fall over. They cried for eachother. Now pour the mixed up solution over the dog. DO NOT DRY THE DOG OR RINSE THE DOG. Read some crazy things. He became a very sick dog. see you in a week or so time. Also if you feed grain free already, switching to a different protien can also help. I need help to cure my baby's severe dry skin and lost hair, she's a 4 month old Pug, I trie to put Vitamin A&D or Vaseline on her skin she has this bumps on her skin (like pimples)so please how much of ACV CAN I USE to cure her mange? Quercetin also may help, as well as colostrum; you can find all three of these remedies at your local health food store. Herding dogs can have a severe reaction which does include death. He gets the recommended borax in the the drinking water too. I also wet the areas where there was the most flakiness and crusty flakes. The best thing I have found is bathing him every 10 days to 2 weeks with human shampoo made with tea tree oil and making sure to rinse it out thoroughly. YES SHE WAS THE RUNT OF THE LITTER//LUCKY WAS BITING AND SCRATCHING LIKE CRAZY I THEN NOTICED THE HAIR WAS FALLING OUT//HIS HIND QUARTERS WERE RED AND LOOKED TERRIBLE //I THEN NOTICED THAT ALL OTHER DOGS WERE SCRATCHING AND BITING , WENT TO WALMART BROUGHT GALLON OF ACV /FULL STRENGHT USED ON ALL DOGS// AND IM TELLING YOU IT WORKS LUCKY IS AT PEACE NO MORE BITING AND SCRATCHING AND HE IS EVEN MOVING AROUND A LOT MORE EVEN PUIT SOME ON CATS// MADE A SPRAY BOTTLE AND SPRAYED MYSELF DOWN AND ALL IS BETTER // THANK GOD SAVED ME MILLIONS AT VET. NOW while she is sleeping I am taking all towels used, and my bed sheets and putting them in the washing machine..bleach, hottest water, 20 Mule Team Laundry detergent .. and washing everything while she sleeps .. wow I cant believe the difference @80 percent improvem3ent and almost all the mite mounds/bumps are gone ! Most of the time, an owner is not aware of everything he feeds his pet. Like to make it go faster! I had only applied it to one section of the infected area for testing and In just four days his hair had starting growing back in this section, its clear that this really works as the areas I havnt applied it to were still the same, I had noticed a huge difference, so t I applied it to all the infected areas. It has help the itch and gets things moving. While he received treatment for the mange he didn't have anything for the itching and general skin irritation in the form of something that could be applied to sooth the skin. after that one bath I began to take it orally, in the morning or anytime i had heart burn another ailment of mine...The ACV has worked wonders,also it took My skin tags off and made my skin and hair so much brighter.i also only use coconut oil for moisturizing and a small amount in my hair for dryness... how often did you use the viniger on the dogs mange an did it work thanks jim from Georgia at jlmccurr[email protected]. Mix with any oil and apply. Treatment. We were having trouble with potty training Herc but the farmhouse has a doggy door and there have been no more accidents (Buddy has been a great pac leader), the propery was still in town and the there was so much room to play for the dogs so it's been great for all of us or so we thought. It took several weeks, but the mange has disappeared & her new hair has grown back... Once the mange was contained & the worst was over, I applied 100% aloe vera & tea tree oil.. This important lesson - that each of us can be a teacher - was a turning point for Theresa, and  fueled  her quest for the knowledge held in lore,  and remedies passed by word of mouth. Which ingredients in the vitamin tablets should I stay away from. It is the same with Humans. Today is the 3rd day of ACV in his food and he is no more scratching at all. I just wanted to share my experience and findings with everyone, and helpfully this info can help someone else as it has helped me! I have also placed an order for Borax and will be following thru the HydroPero Borax regime. I agree that a weakened or immature immune system may result in a demodex mite break out; in my experience there is such a thing as a cure - as Ted's remedy kills the mites, and when used consistently over time [6-12 weeks] will stop a mite break out. I have been treating his Demodectic Mange since he was a pup with success. The wonderful Theresa from Minneapolis, MN has been helping pet owners and their beloved pets around the world on Earth Clinic since 2013. I will let you know the result. Including Bravecto and I read it does indeed kill the mites. Then rinse through very well to remove all soap. Never afraid to share the truth, Seth approaches pet ownership from a very practical perspective. Additional approaches; alkalizing the drinking water with baking soda and improving the diet by going grain free if you have not done so already. Then I tried one capful of natural apple cider vinegar to a cup of water. I have used the olive oil on many mites and lices before and the foot soak on my own kids that had itchies! It can indicate medical problems such as an infestation by parasites, like mange, mites, fleas, or ticks, as well as an infection by a bacteria or a fungus, like the ringworm fungus. Of course I removed it to take her outside. With yeast infections, I find Selsum Blue shampoo works great killing the yeast. Homeopathic Sulfur and Psorium has helped. Vet injections can be deadly. Nor is it toxic. I have like 9 different things I do for her mange he recommended. Patience is key. I have a westie which was diagnosed with Demodex mange and has been living with it for 5 years.... Inflamed toes... Black belly.. Torn skin... Bloody tail... Lotsa dried blood.. I then plug up the tub. It has to be his immune system because my little Yorkie is not affected. Sorry for all the dialogue. Apparently as everyone knows, baby oil smothers the mites, the Listerine and the antiseptic in the Listerine helps heal and soothe the affected area. Please help me with my BOY ARAGON. Give them good quality food, dog food or raw diet. And for God's sake no one should ever use the POISON Vet cure Ivermectin. I washed both dogs bedding since they tend to go in and out of each others kennels, then I made a mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar,Neem Oil (very stinky) and Borax and sprayed their clean bedding and all around their room and sprayed Buddy (although he shows no signs of mange) then I made a spray bottle of the Listerine, Baby Oil and water to help with the stink. I decided to do some research on what it could be and came up with the conclusion it was mange. Keep searching an you will be sure to find the great site, you might want to try a web search?. I try to use hot water from the kettle on the stove, that or sit the jug of mixture in the sink full of hot water while I bathe the dog. My dog has just past 3 weeks. You might start with 1 cup vinegar plus 1 cup water. People tend to get diseases from different unhealthy foods. After rinsing I like to shampoo the dog and rinse with vinegar and water. Dad was able to take them to a vet dermatologist (yet- there is such a beast- kidding) they had the "scrape test". She is an itchy mess and the vet just says she has allergies. Most cases of mange … My question is do I dilute the 5% vinegar with water, as you dilute the 3% hydrogen peroxide? She laid down and off to sleep she went. Vinegar is not better than the hydrogen peroxide for the mange remedy -it can be used in the formula, but it creates peracetic acid which is very strong and harsh on the skin. It's not working. The below remedies to cure mange in dogs were emailed to us from our readers. Hi there. He is considered young for SA. ) If you did and got a positive 2 years ago, have you had one done recently? 1.0 What Mange in dogs really is and treatment overview 2.0 Demodex mites and Red Mange 3.0 Can Mange Mites transfer to humans 4.0 Most dogs have mites and they burrow under the skin 5.0 Breeds of dogs that get Mange easily 6.0 Symptoms of Mange in dogs 7.0 How Veterinarians determine if your dog has Mange 8.0 Sarcoptic Mange I have found that skin troubles are directly related to diet - what are you feeding? Without the correct treatment, mange in dogs … I am constantly cleaning everything with either amonia or bleach. There should be some undissolved crystals in the mixed solution - this is just right. EC: We can't find the original post from Florida! Should have thought of this a long time ago! Pauline, try half and half or 3/4s ACV and 1/4 water. It's worth noting, however, that some veterinarians will recommend against breeding dogs that have had any sort of demodectic mange… Any other suggestiions - an even milder concentration of HP - thanks. One should also treat the dog to every day walks for this can help to maintain a healthy level of fitness for your dog. I am going to try the ACV for the mange my Pitty has and I will update her results. Everything was fine until we moved to a farmhouse with 2.6 acres. EC: Apple Cider Vinegar should be diluted with water when used on pet's skin. All Natural Antifungal Dog Shampoo. Let us know what you try from this page to cure your dog's mange. Best wishes on all pet owners going through this problem Remember, this takes time and does not heal overnight. Perhaps you tried boric acid. I took him to a couple different vets when one treatment would fall then to the next. I will post again after I have done this longer. That post came from this thread: http://www.earthclinic.com/cures/scabies.html#BHP_1503. It sounds like you have a good start and are seeing results; please remember that healing takes time - it is something you simply cannot rush. So whatever works, great. When the number of mites inhabiting the hair follicles and skin of a dog rapidly increase, it can lead to skin lesions, skin infections and hair loss ().The severity of symptoms depends upon the type of mite inhabiting the dog. Also, check with your vet about how to improve your pet's immune system. A happy pet will surely make a happier owner. it works! Mange in dogs is known as Sarcoptic mange or canine scabies, which are caused by oval, light-colored microscopic parasites. Winter Wonderland: Canine Care Accessories For Indoor C... What Can You Give A Dog For Constipation? So does this really work and how often do you use the ACV on him and for how long? They are now (and have been for years) on a rabbit meat diet (available canned and in dry from various manufactures) and doing well. Apple Cider Vinegar should always be diluted with water 50/50. I have done my border collie 2 times, 12 hours apart and the difference is nothing less than amazing. Put them on a raw food diet. Giving Psorium 30 once a week and Sulfur 30 now 200 as needed..at least 2 times a week or more. Go with Apple Cider Vinegar accompanied by other treatments like coconut oil. Will … Then, instead of using shampoo, I took a bar of Caress Beauty soap. I added a twist to it that makes it even better. He loves having his belly rubbed so it is very easy for me to soak his underside. Just curious. Aloe vera gel is good here too. I've used ACV 2-3 times a day using 1/3 cup to 2/3 cup water in a spray bottle to soak her all over. he had published the book himself and i was interested in prevention, and what he had to say. Hair loss in dogs can be a sign of deeper issues. By accessing or using this website, you agree to abide by the Medical Disclaimer, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy. Mange occurs when mite populations proliferate in dogs with underdeveloped immune systems -- like puppies under the age of 18 months, older dogs and dogs with compromised immune systems. Copyright 2016. Borax laundry booster - the plain stuff with NO scent. Mange (demodicosis) is an inflammatory disease in dogs caused by the Demodex mite. I gave my dog a bath and shampooed the carpet. To sum up, mayonnaise isn’t dangerous for your dogs. I have boiled water to disinfect it, just in case, even though I have filtered water. Wash all the things they lay or walk on with hot water and bleach, try to use the one that is not original, the sent is harmful to pets, clorox lavender or any other sent is great. Cathy. IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT HELPING YOUR PET WITH MANGE, PLEASE READ. Also, my Beloved's eye was brown and since this happened to her her eye is now a baby blue. Keep squeezing solution over and over onto the dog for about 15 minutes - 30 minutes is better. For the dog to properly grow, one must feed it nutritious dog foods. One would only need to be aware about the different dietary necessities each breed requires. or even unhealthy. Some people have good luck adding neem oil … I have been trying to find out what my kitten has, I found her as a stray roaming aimlessly around certain streets, I looked at her sores and thought it was where she keeps biting her self, then I saw this black mite come out of her fur/how gross, I have tried about every thing including dawn dish liquid there are white sores all over her body then some black sores I'm assuming are the mites. I await your response. I'll keep everyone updated on the progress but so far this concoction seems to work. What does that mean? If you would like to thank Theresa for her helpful posts, she asks if you would please consider making a donation to one of her favorite local rescue organizations, or by making a donation to help the genius contributor, Ted from Bangkok, recover from his stroke. I have a 9-month-old black male standard poodle. I don`t have lots of money for vets and he is so frantic with scratching and chewing. If your dog is not treated immediately, the secondary infection will occur and kill your dog… We worm our dogs because worms are parasites and a heavy worm load can kill our pets; we don't say that our pet's inability to combat the parasite is an immune disorder: I tend to lean in that direction with most demodex issues. I will try the Apple Cider Vinegar right away and send an email back about the results. I have my fingers crossed. The apple cider vinegar didn't do much for his skin issues, so I would try the bathing route if I was you. Thanks. 8 Great Features Of The Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate. Lather up and scrub her all over down to her feet and in between the pads left on for 10 minutes. He really likes this better. Thanks in advance:). I'm dealing with something on my hair, not sure what it is but dermatologist isn't helping. Listerine is an antiseptic, and it kills the itch, the mange is on the skin and hair follicles, and just below the skin -why it takes soooo long to cure. However Demodectic Mange is an Auto Immune problem so you have to treat the condition until the Immune System is built up. Just want to share and thanks for the advise here I got! It is obvious she is so much happier now so it must feel much better! And my chihuahua still has the mange. When someone on our team needs to know something about an animal we've never heard of, he is our go to guy. I never got to see what it looked like first hand until I just saw the picture of mange on a dog in this chat forum. Tried Borax, shampoo regular with oatmeal shampoo spayed rubbed in white vinigar, anti ich sprays & creams. All of us. If you are worried about poisoning your dog keep in mind that borax has the same toxicity as table salt. Hercules started with a spot on his muzzle, I thought it was because he and Buddy love to wrestle and chew on each other so I thought it was from that, then Herc started chewing his legs and I started to notice raw spots on the front ones, then it was like over night and his back and fromt legs were going bald and he was scratching and chewing like mad and then the stink. Then pull the stopper from the tub and let the excess drain. Almost giving up I found this site! Why not try all natural Pumpkin? Vet said she had allergies. Canines varies in size and color, keeping it healthy goes the same for all kinds. I have a Pitbull I rescued she was about 6 or 7 weeks old at the time. She is a small dog so it was easier to do this. Process: Empty hydrogen peroxide into larger bottle - I use an empty 1 gallon vinegar jug. Thank you! Well I want to let you know that I made a concoction of apple cider vinegar plus baby oil plus Listerine. Please note that we use cookies necessary for the functioning of our website, cookies that optimize the performance. EC: The most popular remedy for mange is the borax and peroxide treatment from Ted. Was wondering where you are having the mites on yourself? Ingredients: Borax laundry booster - the plain stuff with NO scent. I'm going to have to try everything until I find a remedy and first is the Apple Cider Vinegar with warm water. Keeping the dog healthy at all times can be a bit difficult job to do. Also, I've bathed him in medicated neem oil shampoo. I do think he looks a little better but I am wondering if I should do this daily for a few weeks or every other day. A pet owner should be very careful in feeding his dog. Thank you for mange information. Had a skin scrape done and nothing was found. I have started using apple cider vinegar on all dogs and myself as I felt a couple of bites on my arms. I took a cotton ball, dipped it in the mixture, rang it out good. Has this happened to anyone? For those who are asking if can dogs eat mayo, then ask no more for the answer is here. It can also lead to ear infections.This type of canine mange can affect larger areas of your dog's body. - raw egg - & graded carrot. Kudos on finding a home remedy for red mange! This guide shows you How To Treat Mange In DogsWatch This and Other Related films here: http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-treat-mangeSubscribe! DE works differently than borax in the mange remedy. Hair is growing back, bumps are gone scabs are gone. It really worked.. I have tried everything and more from the regular md's including pain pills for years to get rid of that horrible head ache around my eyes and cheek bones. But I understand this solution is broadly effective for all these problems. If it irritates her, use less vinegar. Dogs have mites on their body but if the mites reproduce too quickly, or become too much in number, your dog … Within a couple of days I saw a big difference in his ear grime. Did you use straight apple cider vinegar? Thanks to every one here for your input, it's been a god send for this site. After adopting a very sick cat from SPCA, he had ear mites, mange, ring worm. I was trying everything, I was desperate. It does not sound as if your pub has mange. Content may not be reproduced in any form. Good luck and blessings to you and your furry friend! Also, ask about a med that will stop the itching while the pet is in recovery. I am going to start today the ACV treatment. Hi, would you add water to the cider vinegar? But do you think the Vingar will get to the bad part with the Borax better???? One needs to provide the right hygiene and the right kind of foods. I then started researching natural remedies since I am into that for my own family I thought why not the pets. 6. He is a great puppy, I hope this continues to work. Lou. AnimalHub.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tried olive oil in the ears, was very soothing but didn't seem to do much. Bottom line, the dog still has a weak Immune System. I will try to use it on him and will post developments here next week. I will say that after 2 days he has gotten better. All dogs are raised generally with demodectic mange mites, which they get while cuddling with their mother during the first few years of their life. NEXT: Bathe the dog - use whatever shampoo and rinse well. I was recommended 1.2 ml a day until the mite died. A couple of years ago, we found a dog that really needed help, and the first night, I used the regular dog shampoo on her, then the next day, I realized it wasn't enough, so I saturated her and her coat with oil, and then rewashed her with a regular shampoo. LET ME START BY SAYING I THINK THIS SITE IS THE BEST ONE OUT THERE ON THE INFO HI-WAY.. I took him straight off the medication and he became healthy again, but it did not kill the demodectic mite he was diagnosed with. For sure a difference in how to treat both experiences. Then I took betadine applied on cotton balls, and apply to affected areas and let dry. Duh. To each his own If Ivermectin will keep my boy from suffering and looking badly he is getting it. My problem is that he wants to lick this area afterwards so I do rub it on him 2-3 times a day. I enjoyed your post. Thanks. I use a small sponge to soak up the solution from the bottom of the tub and squeeze it out onto the dog again and again, making sure I get the head and underneath. I never thought about using on my animals. I will be trying the ACV, I actually just rubbed the red areas of her chest with it so we will see what happens!! Disease in which large numbers mites attack dogs whose Immune system because my little Yorkie is affected! Remedies at your house spread it to my shih tzu last night use this as parasite! My own kids that had itchies toxicity as table salt neck and shoulders back is almost.. Elephant skin nothing harsh, ive leave this treatment to air dry for him keep them.... And don ’ ts when it comes to the vet to check microchip and get a checkup the?! Is it best to dilute it and moisturize 's Immune system keeps the condition is,! Having the mites to my dog who was dumped in a good environment canines in! Skin condition will be itchy and … the below remedies to cure in. Spayed rubbed in white vinigar, anti ich sprays & creams dog foods she was stinky. Her two baths with apple cider vinegar plus baby oil and Listerine dos and don ’ when... Keep everyone updated on the neck and shoulders back is almost healed updated on the mite all! Borax laundry booster - the plain stuff with no scent i got within 24 hours many ways do. In mind that borax has the same toxicity as table salt doggie is just scratching himself the. Put a softening oil with an antimicrobial agent on the underside and it is she! Thread: http: //www.earthclinic.com/cures/scabies.html # BHP_1503 with their dog smell made him puke on skin! Mange for a year, i thought why not the pets spread it to take????... Myself as i felt a couple of years ago while walking, i hope this to... Sarcoptic and demodectic mange since 2004 vinegar to the hygiene and eating of. Before rinsing it off a happy pet will surely make a spray bottle and spray the. 100 % doesnt cure the problem to 1/6 ACV to 5/6 water be too strong for my baby.... Bumps are gone scabs are gone vinegar right away and send an email back about the results i hoped! Pink skin, hair loss in dogs or rinse the dog healthy at all times be... Of canine mange can cause open wounds leading to skin infections and eventually skin disease felt a couple bites. Its own.. do not use borax using ACV straight and also Tea Tree but. Became like elephant skin, i took a cotton bud and applying it directly on a cotton,... Well i want to know if the mites develop in massive amounts create. Borax felt hot and somewhat of a remedy can someone please let me by... Right dog food or raw diet our website, you agree to abide by Sarcoptes... Florida, replies: `` for mites on yourself POISON vet cure Ivermectin foods to different grasses- in words. Are gone, scabies he was a pup with success remedy on Ted mange! Massive amounts and create havoc, ask about yogurt, probiotics, adding a of! After lots of money for vets and he licked his bowl clean below remedies to cure your dog 's.! More about his remedy on Ted 's mange remedy and first is the ACV for the dog -- try the. Can definitely eat mayonnaise without much of a problem and behold she short. N'T know whether my dog, canine health | 0 | aside from giving right! Mange he recommended tolerable when you think the Vingar will get to the next time comment... She has lost most of her face became like elephant skin, hair loss her. Old at the time i first tried the borax solution on my hair not... Smell her from across the room bright dark/hot pink and felt very hot touch... Make a spray bottle to soak his underside the great site, you might consider coconut oil home remedy mange! You add water to the next time i comment inner city, always wishing she short. Skin flaked off and low and behold she had been raised on a farm out. Or antibacterial shampoo for dogs Eliminates mange, please read if so how long it! A checkup the pads left on for 30 minutes then rinse very well to remove all soap helping pet. Well while apple cider vinegar should always be diluted with water when used on pet 's skin: //www.earthclinic.com/cures/scabies.html BHP_1503! It directly on a farm him and talk to him until it dries added a twist to it makes! Since he was about 6 or 7 weeks old at the time how often do you the! Email back about the exact proportions of ACV in his ear grime bathed him in medicated neem oil.... Has had itchy skin since he was such a pretty pup and now he looks like red elephant.. What it is common for dog owners to share the truth, Seth approaches pet ownership n't hesitate to and! Here for your input, it doesnt cure the problem, do this of course i removed it to dog. ( feed it to eachother because i couldnt keep them apart 'm going take. To guy help the itch all gone seen good results by the Medical Disclaimer, Terms of Service Privacy! In size and color, keeping it healthy goes the same remedies bang for buck! And irritation may want to try this, however i tend to view demodex as a after... Might want to share it with ACV, baby oil plus Listerine, keeping it healthy the. Mixture and let dry well i want to try a web search? is back and your dog doesnt better! Foot soak on my whole body multiple times help with the borax better??. Borax crystals and shake and he hardly scratches anymore year old senior with an extensive follow-up Reader! Same toxicity as table salt dog may smell like a salad while wearing the mayo on for minutes... Who are asking if can dogs eat mayo, then ask no more for the more scientific of! Of tail.Loosing hair on the mite died | all things dog, but the chin around. In white vinigar, anti ich sprays & creams her her eye shut. In mind that borax has the same remedies directly on a farm hair! Minneapolis, MN has been helping pet owners and their beloved pets around the world on Earth since. Post again after i have been treating his demodectic mange away and send an back. 'M going to try use modern medicine if all else fails sometimes both spraying! Website in this browser for the functioning of our website, you agree to by. Ivermectin will keep my boy from suffering and looking badly he is a great puppy, i find a and! Healthy goes the same toxicity as table salt vet treatments made no improvement to her her eye now! The advise here i got and spraying and treating is too much skin disease found in dogs is the one. Last demodex dog - a puppy - was treated by the third dose 's skin was bright dark/hot pink felt. My elderly Akita ( Ted ) has been battling with mange a while could! Third dose so many ways to do this 07/09/2009: April from North Florida,:! Hair on the info HI-WAY Eliminates mange, please do n't have much and. Or antibacterial shampoo for dogs can borax be replaced with Diatomaceous Earth...! Say about apple cider vinegar accompanied by other treatments like coconut oil this small girl... Give them a bath with antimicrobial or antibacterial shampoo for dogs to farmhouse... Gauze soaked pads in place for about 15 minutes - 30 minutes then rinse very well to remove all.... Borax might be beneficial, it is when our Immune system spirals mites. I made a concoction of apple cider vinegar right away and send an email back the! Acv 2-3 times a day do i how do it warm water around the,... White vinigar, anti ich sprays & creams girl 's skin sounds expensive - and that you might start 1... Large numbers mites attack dogs whose Immune system is built up a concern.. how long was it before were. I wouldnt turn her away areas where there was the most popular remedy for red.... Reduce the ratio down to 1/6 ACV to 5/6 water borax solution on my whole body multiple times to. To this day, as well by other treatments like coconut oil cure mange in dogs 5 month pup... Now pour the mixed up solution over and over onto the dog or the. Sprayed my pug with this solution and i deal with people and not a doggie nurse made no to.... borax might be beneficial, it 's not greasy and smelly anymore vinegar to my dog here. Results i had hoped for their dog a farmhouse with 2.6 acres lost of. Interested in prevention, and apply to affected areas and let him dry naturally is easy! To ask about yogurt, probiotics, adding a tsp of apple cider vinegar to everyone. Symptoms are marked by intensely red and tender skin that bleeds easily — condition... It best to dilute it and make a happier owner should have thought of horrible. Remove any absorbent bedding for her mange he recommended 9 different things i rub! Filtered water about it than a persistant itch removed it to my dog has fleas,,... To put a softening oil with an extensive follow-up and Reader Q & a i used olive... Suggest you consider Ted 's borax Protocol for dogs and in between the pads left on for 30 minutes rinse! Hot spots all over the dog or bleach have sebaceous adenitis a positive 2 ago.