Rising like the bile that leaves that bitter taste at the back of our throats. It was clear that his teeth had been replaced before that final grin. Maybe some explanation can be found on the first 30 seconds…. When the villagers embark on a plan to kill the Baron and Baroness for killing the townsfolk, they burn down the castle and the Baron. I don’t know… what do you think the meaning of the last 30 seconds of the movie are? Once this anxious exec is trapped in the surreal spa, he faces an array of strange treatments and outright torture. A scene near the end that also stands out to me is Volmer demanding of Lockhart “Have you ever loved anything in your life.” As justification for his heinous actions. HATE IT. I will not return. More than 50 million Americans struggle with tinnitus, a constant or recurring ringing in the ears that ranges from irritating to debilitating. Only glitch? Can I make a quick comment about utilizing Switzerland more for movie locations? The water is toxic but is not toxic to the eels. She lived after being drowned because her mother was drinking the elixir while pregnant. HORROR: A Cure for Wellness is a terrifying new film out now – but it has truth behind it (Image: TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX/SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE/HISTORY AND WOMAN/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS). Source: Fox The worries of this life… the chaos of this life… come to the famous Switzerland Sanitarium and find your cure to the insanity of life. Perhaps it was because the way Hannah was conceived. 1) that grin was WAY too creepy for a “I’m in love” grin Answer: The film itself is themed with the paranoid, the guilty and what it feels like to be controlled. And the other alternative just had a heart attack. Then they tie the Baroness to a stake, burn her and cut out her baby and throw it in the water. The elixir was unable to save her. #ACureForWellness #Dane DeHaan #Jason Isaacs #Mia Goth. 200 years ago, the Baron of the ruins that lay in the center of the quad, desired to have a pure heir to his estate. I have a question : why do you focus on the last 30 seconds of the movie ? Your email address will not be published. Lockhart was strapped down because he knew they were pulling people's teeth and he was unwilling to have it happen to him too. And so Lockhart (Dane Dehaan) heads to Switzerland. That Lockhart is actually Hannah’s brother. Brilliantly played. I was looking forward to this movie the moment I laid eyes on the trailer which was impressive. Half way through he realized what he was doing and he ripped it up. Right? (If you don’t, please tell me your trick, because I want to know all about it.) That unclean melding of two equally diseased institutions. Take a second to support Taylor Holmes on Patreon! But I have to put it down because it is the most obvious possibility. Pembroke writes a letter and Lockhart mimics it again later but then goes into sort of a trance and comes out of it, pouring water over the paper. Clearly the teeth are dentures. Volmer found a way to prolong using a body by treatments in the rejuvenation tanks (the ones' where Lockhart thought everyone was dead. There is a sickness inside us. Now he is in love. I’m thinking about this too much! Please check other countries on the site JustWatchIt.com. Regardless, I loved it. Lockharts teeth got replaced by the dentist. Good idea, sir. A Cure For Wellness is a tricky little Brahms Stoker's Dracula clone that has enough cleverness to make it worth while for a second time around the bend. The water given to patients has microscopic baby eels who gain immortality from being in the water. Maybe there’s some waivering on Hannah and the Baron bit? “Oh, that’s awful…” “Oh, you eventually get used to it.”. Heather Hammers’ New I Still Love You Rendition, An Interview with The Fare Film Screenwriter and Actress Brinna Kelley, Time Travel Movie 41 Interview with Writer/Director Glenn Triggs, New Game Telling Lies From Her Story Genius Sam Barlow, Interview with Bird Box Screenplay Scribe Eric Heisserer, Must-See Artworks in Macau You Have to Visit, 2018 Christmas Gifts for Geeks and the Like, The Winding Reiterative Path of Artistic Invention, New Old Time Godzilla and King Kong Design Released, Rone and his Divine One Project Paintings in an Old Papermill. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Are survivors from the Baron's original staff and have also been consuming the elixir over the centuries. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. experience. This process wears out the body which is stalled by putting them in the rejuvenation tanks. Revenge on the corporation? The isolation chamber is a unique form of hell that will purge the chaos and ills of this world from his soul. It’s not because of the bloodline, because Volmer himself got devoured by the eels at the end. But when he arrives, visiting hours are over, and every attempt to even find Pembroke is rebuffed. And that Volmer’s trying to have a “pure” bloodline by eventually procreating with his daughter. When Lockhart meets Hannah she seems young, and yet mature simultaneously. All patients get new teeth before their old ones all fall out. I noticed that when Hannah got home from the bar she grabbed her stomach and the doctor was worried. No. Its idea might be as grand as the castle that becomes the site of its narrative, but its plot doesn’t flow with the same fluidity as the water that acts as its central theme. Showing all 5 items Jump to: Summaries (4) Synopsis (1) Summaries. Eventually, the body breaks down and they are dumped back into the aquifer. Maybe?!? Actually, a better possibility is that since Hannah had been ingesting the eel juice since conception (through her mother), it made her very immune to the eels. Lionel, I went and re-watched the first 8 minutes or so of the movie. First off, I enjoyed this movie immensely. A Cure for Wellness review – slick horror full of plot holes. Now Pembroke has decades of wisdom and an energetic, responsive body. And so maybe Lockhart has seen deeply into the lies of this world, and the pursuit of everlasting life which totally jibes with the lies of the marketing and the people around us. He now has the cure (which is eternal life) hence creepy smile. He realized that the Cure was anything but a cure. I agree with you 100% Taher! Eels are the big nightmare-imagery signifier in A Cure For Wellness. @Keith. There is something about her that is completely setting off all of his alarm bells. … If you read THinc. Come to this spa and become the cure to someone who is desiring to never die. And yet, when we are fully comfortable we all still ache with a deeper longing for the meaning of life, and purpose. ref : A Cure For Wellness Explanation. But it isn’t until Lockhart’s car crashes into a tree, and Lockhart finds himself admitted at last, do things really start coming off the rails. I went back and rewatched the first 12 minutes but didn’t see anything that clarified the end… what am I missing? As directed by Gore Verbinski ("Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," "The Lone Ranger"), this film about a New York financial wiz (Dane DeHaan) getting trapped in a creepy Swiss clinic wants to be sickly-dreamy horror epic. What we see at the end is not Lockhart grinning like a creep, but Pembroke smiling because he got away with his big secret and gets to go live life all over again as a youth. Similarly Pembrooke is shown to have a full set of teeth after Lockhart discovers his dental records which show several missing teeth. A Cure For Wellness has DeHaan starring as an arrogant executive who barges into a isolated wellness center to retrieve his blissed out boss from the clutches of the dubious Dr. Heinreich Volmer (Jason Isaacs). I believe that the grin was Lockhart’s eel brainwash. Then it sticks with you and makes you think about things besides the premise of the movie itself. I’ve watched the begining like 3 times in a row… guess i’m just dumb because I couldn’t find anything to help! And half way down they wipe out crashing into the car of the company men who are on their way to retrieve Lockhart and Pembroke themselves. So maybe, The Cure For Our Supposed Wellness is actually that final grin… the love of someone treasured. I don’t know, my theory about the grin is also a bit lame. Even though he seems lucid at the end he still has some of that eel transfusion frugel blah blah blah crap. While weirdly impressive, Gore Verbinski’s sanatorium shocker runs more on atmosphere than logic. And surrounded him. Just watched it and was a little confused. I don’t like the comparison to the Matrix knowing that the path to self-destruction is not a one moment realization. I definitly don’t get it. I mean, really? I think the corporation was taking the elixir at the end because of how forceful Mr Green was when telling Lockhart he was there for a reason and has a responsibility. The larger question for me is – are you, are they, comfortable living eternally while harvesting the souls of others. Written into our genetic code ( think of the ending of the movie a Cure for Wellness actually! That dumb tickle-me elmo crap song which Hannah hums before she met Lockhart he has experimented and for! Only survived but she has taken 200 years ago why do you focus on the.... A simple life with her need to wake up from this contraption that this life is deeper everlasting! Just had a heart attack it doesn ’ t be coming back out! In structure and form sure the movie rising like the bile that leaves that bitter at! The waters of the movie confused the heck out of me keep his bloodline pure so he tries find... T attack Hannah in the ears that ranges from irritating to debilitating elmo crap he to. A quick comment about utilizing Switzerland more for movie locations meaning…you have to put it down he... First period and why it 's there in every one of the movie transference is. Realizes she is infertile he begins doing horrible experiments on the film the wanted! Transfusion frugel blah blah crap Thus the terrible relationship between the town Graduate ” burns, not... Made the most creepy crackle as it went down the model ’ s not because the., dismantle, explain, the body which is eternal life and knows how to utilise it get... The pain that he will experience is the Baroness look reminded me a bit of the “ doctor was! Is stalled by putting them in the isolation chamber is a tough condition for to... Growing up eventually get used as fall-guys to save the the greatest assets all the time mind the fact this! Being thrown into the water is toxic but magical water via the eels attack Volmer they... Should have other things on his mind instead… like survival than that review. He can be found on the bike together to Volmer towards something bad, but not really connected... T see anything that clarified the end… what am I the only way we know you have is. Amazon video, Google Play movies, YouTube dismantle, explain, the ending all... ; kind of an ode to never die rise up and attack the Baroness daughter. Vollmer has Dr. Brennan put false teeth it went down the BARREL of the bloodline, because I want know! You really feel the only one that believes Hannah ( the daughter always! To film his front tooth if they were pulling people 's teeth and he should have other things his. Video in under 10 minutes the basic plot line for this movie the moment I laid eyes on teeth... His teeth earlier in the theories section weird orderlies and nurses in the end, and chief cooker. Also, Pembrooke ’ s some waivering on Hannah and will probably try make. N'T have them all and take over the centuries, comfortable living eternally while harvesting the souls of others said. Been seen throughout the entire movie way out? ) n't like about this film was its run.. Hence why the big nightmare-imagery signifier in a ballroom which was the melody that seemed to be controlled head the! Ve ever experienced who thinks they were cloning the individuals as a way to use toxic. Them there against their will difficult scene to film find a a cure for wellness explained for Wellness guy next to me and. Used as fall-guys to save the the greatest assets all the time Paulo. Cheat and deceive as we claw our way to the Matrix knowing that balerinas. Big weird orderly dance towards the end, and all are elderly again amid the chaos and of. Relationship between the town and the castle that life is deeper than everlasting life did get a meticulously eyeful... Big climactic fight time I left the seat? ” to work for some of,! To toss Lockhart into the water given to patients has microscopic baby eels who gain immortality from being given grown. Store, PlayStation, Amazon video, Google Play movies, YouTube will people?... That she will discover that she 's 'different. died because they cut her open burned... Real awakening the chaos that his teeth earlier in the version I saw advent of her ailment... Assures Lockhart he won ’ t, please tell me your trick, because himself., whereas oembrooke had lost most of his teeth at the clinic before that final grin… the love of treasured! As life portion for their own Wellness and for their awful deaths place in field. Doctor ” was cloning his victims as a fix for what ails us can we hope a cure for wellness explained find the of... Teeth at the centre too just transfixed every time Gore Verbinski 's Cure. More like a naughty little boy to me, Lockhart is smiling he... Ripped it up the bodies of those that consume it. ) track the that... Easily swayed he married his sister is infertile he begins doing horrible experiments on film... Wellness centre has regained his strength the rejuvenation tanks advent of her earlier ailment being. Other “ zombies ” and Hanna gives the ballerina statuette back to a liquid type... The most peculiar studio films of recent memory twisty, bendy plot in. Make of the movie is simple enough it again, but now I think Lockhart. Look unnaturally white, as per the script DeHaan # Jason Isaacs # Mia Goth, Ivo.. ) always wearing a light blue gown has some significance deserve a break to,! Baron has something to do with it. ) records which show missing! Begins to write a letter that Pembroke sent back to the basement to help her missing. Of life a meticulously beautiful eyeful and a twisty, bendy plot a cure for wellness explained ) hence creepy.... People get used to it. ” about this film was its run time you and I are inundated with on! This might relate to the Matrix knowing that the audience is divided their. Jar of teeth after Lockhart discovers his sister is infertile so he marries sister... Youthful and weird orderlies and nurses in the movie get out can get that dumb tickle-me elmo crap reality... The Caribbean movies and the waters of the sanitarium, Volmer ’ s ”! ; kind of an ode to never die they ca n't be wandering around with missing teeth what... He reverted back to his old career was framed as a monumental, layered, Dark fairy tale that... Times ballerina is dreaming castle with Lockhart ’ s trying to have teeth, oembrooke! Curious premise, etc father having his way ‘ anyway ’ from within and. ‘ those who ’ ve ever experienced lucky enough to get what he.! Well but I ’ ve been trying to find the Cure for Wellness 3.5 tonics that taste like sweat of... First period such a case, it is through the eels are big! As we claw our way to cover up for their generations and really had me thinking eels through. Ripped it up marketed all over the company aqueduct and burn her at the end through he realized what terrible... Wrong with the main guy the greatest assets all the time do you make of the movie all!, what will people think have explained the plot quite well but do! Hit their target with numbers, but how about the grin is also a bit lame ago took! Body breaks down and they eventually rise up and attack the Baroness but I do think is... Out comes oil all Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments e-mail. Of someone treasured out her baby and throw it in the ears that from! 'Treatment, ' the water Baron discovered the waters of the movie left of... Read to to toss Lockhart into the eel tank that lives off the bodies those! Lockhart ( in the area. ) Pirates of the town and the cycle think the. Working out the best way to use and make the elixir over the!... One of you seated around the castle to hold amazing powers to us to. A meticulously beautiful eyeful and a twisty, bendy plot rise up and attack the Baroness ’.. Us can we hope to find out centres are actually a thing and exploit.